NETFLIX – Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Ending Explained – Story.


The crush, and whether Brooklynn likes Kenji too, becomes a hotly debated theme throughout the season (and leads to one of the season’s best jokes when Kenji calls Brooklynn his girlfriend for Darius – Darius’ double shot is perfectly timed and makes for a fantastic levity in an otherwise intense season finale). We also see some romantic reactions from others. Ben sees Yaz’s attention as a romantic interest and indicates that he’s still sorting himself out – he’s nowhere around to hook up with anyone that way. There are also some hints (usually in a pair of sly eyebrows from Brooklynn) that Yaz and Sammy’s friendship could grow into something more. There’s a moment of the “there’s only one bed” trope between the two that, unfortunately for shippers, isn’t going anywhere, which could mean the two will always just be best friends.

And finally, Darius and Kenji’s bromance is restored in the season finale. Though the pair had a rough start, their friendship — and their recognition of each other’s strengths — has helped them both grow as characters over the course of the series. After a rough start, it’s great that they’re back on track, especially as things may have gotten a lot worse.

The people (and places) left behind

When the kids save the baby Spinoceratops, they must find the right biosphere to live, forcing the campers to leave them behind. It’s exactly the kind that Ben was afraid of after he had to leave Bumpy behind. When Brooklyn says, “Besides, we can always come back and visit,” it’s a shocking moment against a story of campers trying so hard to get away from the island(s) that holds them captive. The line is said and forgotten, with none of the other characters drawing attention to it, but viewers may wonder how the campers really see their fate – do they believe they’ll make it home after all? Or have they given up?

As for Bumpy, the ankylosaurus was sadly left behind on Isla Nublar, but her absence is a constant emotional pain for Ben. During Season 4, when some new baby dinosaurs are introduced, Ben makes the comment that Bumpy has probably completely forgotten about him. In a tear-jerking scene that ends the episode, viewers see Isla Nublar and the camp the kids had to leave behind — with Bumpy wandering, seemingly waiting for Ben to return.


Another character comes into play that the characters left behind. In a moment, Darius has access to a cell phone and calls his brother, Brandon. Though it’s broken down, the call was connected and viewers see Brandon leave the house to look for Darius. This feels like a recall to Season 1, when counselors Roxie and Dave try to convince the ferry to turn around to save the campers, or the moment in Season 2 when viewers see the distress call from the distress beacon has been received. There are people in this series who have tried to help the kids home – and have promised to find them – and when the series comes to a definitive end, it would be nice to see some reward for those moments of promised salvation.

Jurassic World: Dominion Crossover Potential

So we will probably see a crossover between the Camp Cretaceous cast and Jurassic World: Dominion? The longer the cartoon series seems to go on, the less likely it will seem, given how much faster each season of the show can move the plot — and that Jurassic World: Dominion was originally scheduled for 2021 and was postponed due to the pandemic. While the Camp Cretaceous writers have access to the live-action information, where the series will end is a guess. In the timeline, the campers are in 2016, two years left before the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, meaning that for each crossover, the series has to zoom forward.


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