Netflix Hit Show Physical: 100 Is Coming On This Date!

Netflix is known for innovations and creative shows and has done it again. The streaming king shocked every fitness addict with its new Korean fitness show, Physical: 100. Surrounding the strongest 100 from Korea, the fans were astonished by their strength as they penetrated different difficulty levels. 

The first season of Physical: 100 received excellent ratings, and as usual, the fans expect more out of the series. So, will there be Physical: 100 seasons 2? If yes, when will it drop? Here is everything we know about Netflix’s plan. 

Physical: 100 Season 1 Was A Hit


Netflix’s Korean fitness show Physical: 100 won the hearts of fitness lovers with its insane season 1. From the first episode, it kept everyone on their toes. Including a wide array of MMA fighters, wrestlers, and Olympians, the show became a hub of champions. 

Among the 100 strongest people, Netflix picked out one winner, passing them through different challenges. So, now that Season 1 has wrapped up, the fans eagerly await updates on season 2. Is Physical: 100 Season 2 happening? Here is all we know. 

Will There Be Physical: 100 Season 2?

Currently, there are no words on the second season of Physical: 100. However, seeing the popularity of season 1, we can expect season 2 soon. Fingers crossed, let’s hope Netflix comes up with a big announcement soon. 

But, frankly speaking, season 2 may take some time as crafting such a huge set and making necessary arrangements to gather 100 strongest is a huge task. So, the fans will have to wait for season 2. 

Physical: 100 Season 2 Release Date 

There has been no update on Physical: 100 Season 2. However, we will keep you in the loop with all the latest leaks and information about season 2. So, make sure to stay tuned. 

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