MyCoolmoviez website 2021 – Best latest Movies Download Portal

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Mycoolmoviez is a trendy site among users who love to watch and download movies for free. It allows users to watch the latest movies for free. It offers movies of different languages, Hindi, Tamil, Hindi dubbed, and many other south movies. It is a pirated site that shows copied Indian movies without having any proper license for it. That is why; it is illegal to watch new movies online from those sites which do not have any license for it. 

How does it Work?

The downloading system in Mycoolmoviez is very simple and easy. The users can easily download and watch the movies without putting too much effort into it.  The main reason for its popularity is that it allows the users to watch movies and download movies for free in Android and iOS devices as well.

The user can watch the movies in full HD, HD, 480p, and 720p. The website offers movies in different resolutions for the suitability of users. The site provides a search bar to the users, which allows them to go to their favorite movies.

MyCoolmoviez website 2021 - Best latest Movies Download Portal

Is it Safe to Access Mycoolmoviez?

No, it is not safe to access Mycoolmoviez app as it shows pirated content to the users and violates the anti-piracy laws. Hence, people should avoid websites like Mycoolmoviez as it can cause them to severe punishments. The customers should avoid these sites that do not cooperate with the anti-piracy laws and regulations.

The Indian government has banned these kinds of sites by following the laws and regulations of anti-piracy. The responsible government has all the power to give punishment to those who do not support the anti-piracy laws. We do not support these types of websites by any means.

Is it Legal to Use Mycoolmoviez?

No, watching and downloading movies from Mycoolmoviez is not legal as it shows the pirated content to the users. It is not recommended to watch movies from these pirated sites that do not follow the anti-piracy laws. It is advised to visit those sites that have a license and legal in all terms. It is illegal to watch and show pirated content that is copied or copyrighted without having any proper license for that. 

Alternatives to Mycoolmoviez

Specialties of Mycoolmoviez

Even though Mycoolmoviez site is not safe and illegal, but if we compare this website with other websites, it is much more popular than the rest. There are many reasons for its huge popularity, some of those specialties that make this site different from others are mentioned below. This website has a large variety of unique features for the users. 

  • This website has a user0friendly interface; the downloading process is very simple and easy here.
  • The users can watch the movies in different resolutions, according to their suitability. 
  • The users can watch and download the movies for free, without paying any money. 
  • The users can download the movies in either mobile phones or desktops. 
  • The customers get a large variety of options among movies of different languages.
  • The website keeps on updating itself with the latest movies regularly.


We, as responsible citizens do not promote such websites for watching and downloading movies for free. There are many other websites available in the market that are legal and safe to access. It is advised to use those legal sites only. This website shows pirated content, which means it shows copied content to the users, which is illegal. Prefer those websites that support anti-piracy laws.

The article written above is only to give information to the readers about different sites. We, by any means, do not promote such sites. It is just to spread awareness and knowledge to the readers. We do not encourage such pirated sites that violate the anti-piracy laws and regulations. 


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