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Mrs Hinch fan posts ‘game-channging’ product to make washing machine smell great

If you’re in need of a cleaning hack or two, Mrs Hinch is your best bet.

The mum-of-two is known for her savvy tips with fans making pages dedicated to her.

Now in one Facebook group, a woman asked for some advice when it came to cleaning her washing machine.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group, Ginny Tahan’s news attracted a lot of comments and likes.

She said: “I cleaned my washing machine with two capfuls of Zoflora on a 90 degree wash, but inside looks cloudy and not sparkling.

“What else can I use?

“Also, my clothes never smell fresh after, I use Comfort fabric softener, what can I use to make the clothes smell nice?”

Mrs Hinch
Mrs Hinch has many Facebook groups dedicated to her

The post secured a lot of attention from other cleaning fans who offering their take on it.

One wrote: “I usually pour bicarb and white vinegar in the drum after scrubbing it inside and out.

“I pour the Zoflora in the drawer on a hot wash and I feel with non-bio products you never get a fresh smell.”

Another recommended: “I add a tiny form of Fabulosa into my wash.”

A third added: “Fabulosa is a game-changer. It not only helps to disinfect but also smells amazing, it really is fabulous!”

While a fourth wrote: “Sparkling… the only word I can use to describe my machine when I use a disinfectant like Fabulosa.”

The disinfectant spray comes in different scents and costs around £1.

You can either pick it up from B&M or even Home Bargains and it must be diluted before using on clean surfaces.

In an unusual view from inside the washing machine drum
The woman was asking for advice on getting her washing machine to smell nice

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Earlier this week, Mrs Hinch fans shared a 38p cleaning hack to remove orange stains from tile grout.

One woman asked: “Hello! Top tips for getting orange/pinkish mould stains out of the grout in a shower?

“Embarrassed to say also that some of it is starting to turn black – would love any advice you all can give.”

Her post received many comments with fans giving their advice on it.

Mrs Hinch fan posts 'game-channging' product to make washing machine smell great
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