Money Heist Season 6 Major Updates!! Will there be a new season?


Money Robbery Season 6 Update: Greetings to the fans of money robbery, as the series has arrived with volume 2 of the fifth season and will be released on Netflix on Dec 3. The second part will be the last series of the show, and therefore it will be decided whether the raid on the processor or the gang will succeed or if the police will beat them.

Money Heist Season 6 Major Updates!! Will there be a new season? Click to know

Has Money Heist come to an end?

Following Tokyo’s death in Season 5, Part 2 of the series, the Professor and his gang will take a hair-raising ride inside the Bank of Spain. This is the biggest question yet, will they die or survive? All the police keep is the gold being held, hostage.

The series director, Jess Colmenar, said: “I think it has a different pace, it’s not that kind of contentious showdown, but it’s a series that’s always in crescendo until the end, and I’ll say it’s an extraordinary one. and different from what we have done so far.” He stated that part 2 of the show’s final season would be emotional.

Robbery season 6

The season 5 volume 2 trailer has been released on YouTube, with the Professor mysteriously away from all communication and the Bank of Spain surrounded by police everywhere. The gang argues about escaping and what to do with all the gold.

You can make a lot of assumptions by watching the trailer, as Alicia is now also the most wanted woman when she betrays the police or gives birth to her child. Spending her life on the run from the police and raising her child is all she wants. Would she ever betray the Professor?

One of the most critical questions is: has Tokyo died?

Well, after hitting four guns to the chest, there’s no slight possibility for her to live either way, but you never know what will happen in the end.

Will there be one Money robbery season 6?

Money Heist Season 6 Major Updates!! Will there be a new season? Click to know

Everything comes to an end, as the Professor (Alvaro Morte) himself said: ‘I do believe that if you make it unnecessarily long, people can get tired of it. We run the risk of doing it wrong in the end.

So we believe this is the best time to finish it.” But several spin-offs have been plagued. So who knows what will happen next.


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