Money-Heist Season 5B Roared Back Into Our Lives On Netflix On Friday.


Sadness is a very personal emotion, and that’s what money robbery fans had to realize when Season 5B roared back into our lives on Netflix on Friday.

The premiere began with the Bella Ciao bandits mourning the loss of Tokyo, who died bravely while taking down a handful of soldiers of the Spanish army. and that murderous monster Gandia. Sagasta lied, saying that Tokyo killed the female soldier too when she pulled those grenade pins, but that wounded woman is hiding somewhere, waiting to strike.

That said, no one took Tokyo’s death harder than the professor, who completely collapsed in the bathroom while Benjamin and Marseille tried to calm him on the other side of the door. The couple were so absorbed in the professor and his all-encompassing grief and guilt that they failed to notice that Sierra had escaped with her baby and stolen a car.

Sierra even had enough time to empty the clip into the professor’s gun. (More on that later.) And she also used that cuticle clipper she found to heat up the car. Oh, so that’

s what she intended? We thought she was going to use those knives to stab the professor. Our bad.

‘Money Heist’ Season 5B Episode 6 Premiere Recap: The Professor’s Back


Sierra then took off and the professor, startled by her escape to reality, gave chase along with Marseille in separate cars. The professor also communicated with Sierra through some sort of vehicle-to-vehicle video system to tell the former police negotiator that there was no point in running because there was a tracking device on the car.

This didn’t seem to affect Sierra’s quick escape attempt, instead she used the time to verbally attack the professor and get inside his head. Sierra said the paradise professor’s boredom had killed Tokyo and Nairobi in his haphazard attempt to save Rio. Yelling at the professor and comforting her screaming newborn baby at the same time, Sierra also took her eyes off the road and nearly crashed into two oncoming trucks.

Money robbery, baby scared faceShe blew her horn and let the trucks drive as she passed between them, but after that even baby Victoria looked at her with concerned and shocked eyes. (Ha! That baby is an amazing actress.) Sierra ended up playing chicken with Marseille and blasting his tires, forcing her and the professor to fight it out in an abandoned barn.


Like a broken record, Sierra immediately started insulting the professor for being bored. But the professor said he wasn’t bored at all. Instead, he said, he intended to steal the gold from the Bank of Spain for most of his life, and Rio’s incarceration presented the perfect opportunity.

There was a lot of back and forth after that about whether the Professor would actually shoot Sierra, and she looked genuinely hurt when he pulled the trigger. Of course there were no bullets in it because Sierra emptied his clip. At that point, Sierra tied up the professor, threw him in the trunk, and went to Tamayo’s house to take his wife hostage and use the professor as a bargaining chip.

Tamayo is a lot smarter than he looks, and as soon as he entered his flat, he pressed the panic button on his alarm system and the police rushed to his house. Sierra, of course, didn’t realize this, and while she was playing “Let’s Make a Deal,” the professor used his wits and teeth to escape from the trunk just before the police arrived.

He then used a ruse to get into Tamayo’s building. Shortly afterwards, when Sierra pointed a gun at him in the stairwell, the professor knocked on a nearby door, and Sierra pulled her gun on the neighbor to force her to let them in. I hope the baby stays still long enough for her to leave.


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