Money Heist Season 5: Is Alicia Sierra going to join the team in La Casa de Papel Part 5?

The fans of Money Heist were astounded with the cliffhanger which said showed Alicia Sierra holding a firearm to the head of the Professor. Given that it was a heartbreaking scene for the fans; nevertheless, some of the viewers believe that there might be some hints that the inspector might switch sides during the heist war.

The fourth season of Money Heist was filled with a significant amount of tension because the team did make an attempt to get a character into Spain’s National Bank.

Hence, the professor had to reveal the truth regarding the torture of Rio to the Spanish Media and this left the good cop in the serious dilemma. In the season finale, she is seen to have betrayed the entire police force to media and further, she also revealed their careers which ended her career.

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Is there any chance that Alicia Sierra would join the team of La Casa de Papel?

Later, she is seen going on the run where the entire police were seen hunting her. In the meantime, she managed to find a professor who was hiding. Viewers then saw her holding the gun directly to the head of the professor and said to the professor “checkmate.”

It is unclear whether the inspector would shoot the professor or not. However, there are some significant hints which the fan-favorite inspector would do to change the sides of the war. There is a logical explanation that Sierra will switch sides and turn into a vigilante as she doesn’t have many options will.

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