Money Heist Season 4 | La casa de papel : What Will the Future Unfold?

Now that the hype of the third season of Stranger Things has come to an end, other Netflix Original shows are getting their prominence back. Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel’s third season finally made its way to the streaming giant on the 19th of July 2019.

The audience who know the story and the characters by heart did witness some fresh faces on the infamous team. Alex Pina did deliver an inevitable and volatile ending in the third season finale. Some fans are heartbroken, whereas others want to know what the fourth season will unfold.

money heist

Netflix renewed the fourth season of Money Heist

Netflix announced the renewal of the fourth season came into being much before the premiere of the third season, i.e., on the 19th of July. Meanwhile, Alex Pina is working alongside Netflix to release another original series which would release in 2020. According to a press release which took place the previous week, Alex Pina confirmed that the fourth season of Money Heist has begun filming.

The fans, on the other hand, are coming out with their ideas as to how they would like the events to proceed in the fourth season. In the season finale, Nairobi portrayed by Alba Flores was shot down by a cutting-edge military sniper. The thieves even had a hard time to beat Alicia Sierra, who was always ten steps ahead of them.

What is in store for the characters?

It is still unsure whether Nairobi is dead or she just passed out due to losing blood. The fans are genuinely in love with the thieves, and they want the thieves to escape from being cornered and surrounded by bazookas. 


The professor has become ill, Lisbon compromised, and Nairobi is still bleeding to her death. It is unsure whether the team will make it out alive from this mess. The fans feel that The Professor is going to garner stability, cook up some plan like instant noodles, and save the team. The robbers though not petty should win, it is their time, and this is precisely what the fans want.

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