Mohanlal and Siddique’s Big Brother Movie Shooting Started

Big Brother will be a gorgeous movie with spices of hot romance, action, and comedy. Director Siddique has signed a new contract with Mohanlal to complete his third movie in the Malayalam language. Arbaaz Khan will be the main protagonist to play in Siddique’s action-packed Big Brother movie. Chemban Vinod Jose, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Janardhan, and Tini Tom will also play in this movie. The director is hopeful that Big Brother will heat up the audience.

Big Brother will be a decent family entertainment movie which must entertain people. The director has opted for Kochi and Bangalore to start shooting his film. It will be an 85 days shoot mainly in these two exotic places. 

Arbaaz Khan – Major Protagonist in Big Brother 

Big Brother will give a golden opportunity to Arbaaz Khan to showcase his acting talent in Malayalam. It is his first debut in Malayalam movie. Jithu Damodar will be active behind the camera to complete the shooting. Big Brother will have a pack of awesome melodious songs and background music. Deepak Dev is the right person for composing music.  After casting in Ittymaani: Made in China, Mohanlal must fight for outperforming his rivals by showing his terrific vigor and manliness in Big Brother. 

New Faces in Big Brother 

Regina Cassandra and Satna Titus may be present in Big Brother. However, the director has not decided to select the heroines for performing in his movie. The director has also shortlisted Anoop Menon, and June-fame Sarjano Khalid to join this venture to make Big Brother attractive, and adventurous. S Talkies Shaman International and Vyaskha Films will bankroll Big Brother. 

Mohanlal will try to prove his potentiality to convince a million fans. He is a classic actor with terrific acting talent. On the other hand, Arbaaz Khan has the chance to build up his career in the Malayalam film industry. He will be gorgeous and bold to act in this movie. It will be a fantastic movie. People have to wait for a few days to watch Big Brother on the big silver screen. 

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