Mirzapur Season 3: Vijay Varma on his role, Future Prospects about Mirzapur 3

One thing that made Mirzapur a cult classic series was the actors’ brilliance and eloquence in executing their roles.

From their attitudes and behaviors’ striking similarity with the real-life goons and men of the underworld to the accents’ attention to detail, everything was done diligently. The actors did a fantastic job, and I can’t wait to get back further with the story with Mirzapur 3.

The Amazon Prime original series premiered the second season on 23rd October 2020. The series had many new faces, one of them being Vijay Varma.

Vijay Varma on his role:

Vijay Varma as an actor, has always experimented with different genres, absurd themes, and unique concepts. He is an actor who is not afraid of trying. With all the grey-shade characters he has played, he considers his role in Mirzapur 3 to be much more naïve; ironically, his character was another power-thirsty monster.

He authentically portrayed the character, and sincerity was visible in the performance.

vijay varma mirzapur

Future Prospects about Mirzapur 3:

Koimoi managed to grab an interview with Vijay Varma and questioned him about his prospects relating to Mirzapur 3. He jokingly shrugged it off by saying that he isn’t sure what he will be doing; however, he will not be doing ‘fair and lovely’ ads.

He said that he seriously takes a stand against the kind of glorification the media does of bad men; Vijay further added that he does feel the same for the double role of Tyagi brothers he played in Mirzapur 2.

His role will be a significant plot revolving pivot in the third season as well. He said they, the actors, are also yearning to be back on screen after the never-ending wait. He said he is also waiting for the makers and Amazon Prime to announce the official release date.

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