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Manhunt: The Night Stalker viewers gripped as ITV drama explores real life murders

Manhunt: The Night Stalker viewers were left petrified on Tuesday night as ITV aired the second episode of the true crime drama.

The series sees DCI Colin Sutton (Martin Clunes) try to uncover infamous criminal – the ‘Night Stalker’, a notorious London burglar and rapist, who terrorised the streets from 1992 to 2009.

Committing a a string of crimes over 17 years, the drama is based on the DCI’s real life diary on the case.

Delroy Grant, a serial robber and rapist, left thousands in south east London in fear.

The first episode, which aired on Monday, showed the attacks committed by the Night Stalker all have similar hallmarks – light bulbs taken out to ensure darkness, entire panes of glass removed from windows, perhaps to disguise his crimes better.

Martin Clunes is challenged to play the very 'normal' DCI with very abnormal cases
Manhunt: The Night Stalker viewers were ‘on edge’ during Tuesday’s epsidoe

He dressed entirely in black, wears a balaclava, and targets elderly victims, robbing and sexually assaulting them.

In an effort to catch Night Stalker, the police team switched tactics.

As the investigation progressed, viewers at home were terrified.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: “#manhuntthenightstalker is riveting. Excellent sat led by Martin Clunes. What an absolutely horrendous man the perpetrator was. I feel so much for his victims, old and very vulnerable people.”

DCI Colin struggles to use the teams limited resources effectively
DCI Colin struggled to use the teams limited resources effectively

Another added: “This is so well dramatised but it’s harrowing stuff. That someone could prey on defenceless pensioners makes me sick to my stomach.”

A third person posted: “Manhunt is so gripping. I’m on edge.”

The team managed to capture CCTV from the scene of a recent attack but it frustratingly didn’t give a clear image.

Matt Bardock’s Detective Superintendent Simon Morgan accepted the plan change, even though he was initially reluctant about changing the screening criteria to Minstead crimes.

Delroy Grant was convicted of being the Night Stalker in 2009
Delroy Grant was convicted of being the Night Stalker in 2009

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Colin prepared a strategy when he met DCS Hamish Camp, played by Guy Williams.

He suggested ‘Minstead Lite’ where they increased the variety of crimes they are investigating to cover all potential cases, but reduced what they are doing to investigate each of these crimes, as they had limited resources on the case.

Colin was shocked that his plan was accepted so easily. Simon Morgan even asked Colin to become a Senior Investigator Officer.

Colin had dinner with his parents during the episode and but was left stressed as he released his mum and dad were exactly the Night Stalker’s prey.

Colin was called by DI Nathan Eason (Matthew Gravelle), to confirm his fears, and to let him know that there had been four additional attacks that night.

They met with an 85-year old victim who told them that the Night Stalker had taken his bank card.

The attacker was missed by only minutes, and the victim of the Night Stalker’s attack was too ashamed to speak about his sexual assault by the criminal.

Colin decided to try a new tactic and recruit a number of undercover police officers who would patrol the streets in anticipation of another Night Stalker attack.

Manhunt: The Night Stalker continued on ITV on Wednesday at 9pm

Manhunt: The Night Stalker viewers gripped as ITV drama explores real life murders
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