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Man tells sister she’s not good enough to apply for dream job – internet calls him cruel

Everyone has something they dream of doing, which makes it all the more crushing when someone you care about says that you’re not good enough to do it.

A man got called out by Reddit for doing exactly that after he told his sister that she isn’t good enough at mathematics to be a police officer.

The man currently serves as in the MET police, and took to the popular subreddit r/ AITA, which stands for (Am I the A**hole) to get some thoughts on his behaviour.

Users share their experiences on this subreddit asking for advice and seeking to know whether they made the right decision in that scenario, and the internet decides whether you’re in the right or wrong.

The man told his sister that she's not good enough at maths
The man told his sister that she’s not good enough at maths (stock photo)

He said: “So I’m (30M) currently serving in the metropolitan police, been serving for a good few years. Recently my sister (21F) wants to join the Scottish Police.

“Now, my sister is currently a marketing executive but she says that it’s her dream to serve.

“However she was in the lowest math class in primary and high school, so I told her that she would fail it because of her problem with math. She hasn’t talked to me since.”

And it seems that not only has his comment angered his sister but the internet as well with many Reddit users dubbing it cruel and unnecessary.

On the Reddit forum, users can decide whether they agree with the original poster or not by using a list of acronyms.

For reference, here is the key for AITA:

You’re the a** hole (& the other party is not) = YTA

You’re Not the a** hole (& the other party is) = NTA

Everyone sucks here = ESH

No a** holes here = NAH

Not enough info = INFO

One peeved user responded to his thread saying: “YTA – You could have offered to help her study for the math portion of the test. ‘Hey sis, the math portion of the test is kind of difficult, I can help you study if you want?’

“Instead you cut her down. Not cool at all, dude.”

Another said: “YTA. Your comment was cruel and unnecessary. Many cruel people use ‘well I was just being honest’. This seems like one of those situations.

The internet called him out for his comments
The internet called him out for his comments (stock photo)

“What do you think will be worse for her – following her dreams and failing or knowing her family thinks she’s too stupid and never trying?

“I cannot see any kind intentions in your comment. If there was a scale of a**holery on this sub from 1-10 I’d put you at a solid 9 for what you said and for the one follow up comment you’ve left so far.” – ouch.

Since uploading the thread, the man edited his post and said: “I had a look at all the comments and realised that I was an absolute d***!

“I was just worried she would become our brother if she was rejected, I’ve been told that it’s basic maths in the Scottish Police, so I’m no longer as worried and I’ll be supporting her.”

At least he sort of learnt his lesson then. So, that’s the verdict of the internet, but do you agree with these comments?

Man tells sister she's not good enough to apply for dream job - internet calls him cruel
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