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Lucifer Season 5 Release Date is August 21 | Lucifer Season 6 Hint

After widespread positive feedback and praise for Season 4, Netflix is coming back with the final chapter of one of their most popular shows, Lucifer Season 5. Netflix dropped a trailer for the final season last month is July and it has fans raving all over the internet.

Lucifer Season 5 Cast

The show is set to return with the same cast as the previous season, with this rumored to be Tom Elling’s final outing as Lucifer. Tom Elling is to feature in double roles, also playing Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother. Lauren German, Aimee Garcia, D.B. Woodside, Kevin Alejandro, and Rachel Harris all set to reprise their roles as well.

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date

The trailer dropped on July 13th has revealed the release date of Lucifer Season 5 to be August 21st. Lucifer Season 5 will be streaming exclusively on Netflix.


Lucifer Season 5 Plot

Lucifer Season 5 is going, to begin with, Lucifer making a hard decision to go back and doing so successfully only to be replaced by his seemingly long-lost twin brother Michael, who now plans to take over Lucifer’s life and has ulterior motives. How will Lucifer go up against his own conniving brother? We don’t know either and we couldn’t be more excited.

Lucifer Season 6?

It had been confirmed in February this year that Tom Elling’s appearance on Season 5 was set to be his final as the fan-favorite character Lucifer, as the actor wanted to move onto other pastures. However, there have been multiple reports flying around stating that Netflix is trying to sign Tom Elling for one additional season, so don’t be surprised if the show doesn’t wrap up its an overarching story just yet.



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