Latest SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 3 Features More From The 9/11 Attacks


Sunday night on SEAL Team season 5 episode 3, it’s looking as though we’re getting one of the most emotional episodes to date. “Nine Ten” will be a story that effectively takes place across two different timelines; you will have Bravo Team visiting New York and the September 11 memorial in the present, and you will also reflect on where all of these people were in the past.

In the video below, you can get a perfectly good sense of what we’re talking about here as Jason Hayes and some other characters reflect on where they were that fateful day. We’ve seen via CBS press listings already that you will see 2001 versions of all of the major characters within this episode, so you will have an opportunity to see this story told in terms of how they first learned about what was happening.

Latest SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 3 Features More From The 9/11 Attacks

So why tell this story now? Much of it likely has to do with this year marking the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, and since the show was not on the air yet for the actual anniversary, the writers likely thought this was the right spot to tell this particular tale.

It’s one of the four episodes that is airing on CBS this season, so you know already that this episode is going to be set up for a wider audience. Meanwhile, you likely want to use episode 4 in particular to set the stage for what’s coming on Paramount+; it looks like episode 4 will be ending on some sort of cliffhanger as an added incentive to convince people to subscribe.

In many ways, you can view this particular episode as a guidebook; it allows us to be further informed as to what makes some of these characters who they are down the road.

What do you think is going to happen across SEAL Team season 5 episode 3?

How emotional do you think this story will be as a whole? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, stick around for some other updates you don’t want to miss.


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