La Brea Season 1 Episode 7: Survivors Vote Reels The Fate Of Rioters


This week on NBC’s La Brea, the survivors voted to leave two rioters out in the cold, while Gavin tried to “go back to the beginning”….

In the wake of the standoff in which Dr. Nathan, Diana, dead from a gunshot wound, the survivors banded together to “vote” both the gunman, Marybeth, and Eve — with a still-distressed Josh siding against his side. own mother. The ladies’ exodus, however, was interrupted by the arrival of the kind of abrupt, violent winter storm that was apparently a thing at the time. The high winds toppled a telephone pole that I believe had stuck upright in the ground after falling through the sinkhole 🤷🏻‍♂️, which in turn crushed a structure within which Lucas and his mother were arguing.

La Brea Season 1

The crushed slabs and stones were immobile for both those inside and outside the cave, giving Marybeth the time and place to tell the claustrophobic Lucas about his father’s death: she didn’t shoot him in self-defense. Rather, she had learned that her drug dealers had struck a deal to outdo their son and hang Lucas with the police. So to save the young Lucas prison time, she shot her husband in his tracks and kept it all the while so as not to distort Lucas’ perception of his father.

By the time Sam made a makeshift IED to blow a hole in the side of the collapsed building, Marybeth and Lucas had made up for it. And Josh, moved by his mother’s attempts to save the two, called for a re-vote, and Eve and Marybeth were banned (on the condition that she surrender her gun later).

Elsewhere, Ty came to after being ambushed by Veronica, realizing he was tied up. Seeing that lady of the fortress (played by Tonantzin Carmelo) not too far in the distance, he begged the stranger to free him, which she did – after using her sword to save him from a rattlesnake. When Ty passed out from his wounds, the woman apparently took him to her “tent,” where he eventually woke up and realized his wound had been stitched up.

Ty learned that his newfound acquaintance was the medicine woman of the fortress, and that she spoke not only English, but very fluent, contemporary English. Paara, as the medicine woman eventually identified herself, explained that her people had been “forever” in this time and place and that Ty and his friends weren’t the first well-meaning “Sky People” to tumble into their world — that Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia preceded him. Paara also explained that the lights are closing and opening again, although there is no prediction when.

Also, Josh and Riley had taken the Jeep to an 18-wheeler someone had recently seen, to find tools to free Marybeth and Lucas. Instead, the storm kept the two trapped in what turned out to be the wardrobe trailer for a movie. satisfying, we didn’t get a goofy try-on montage; instead, the two bonded somewhat, leading to a near-kiss between the UCLA co-ed and younger dude. When the storm had passed, they headed back to camp with a stash of coats (and probably more outfits for Eve to change into).

Meanwhile, TOP….

Gavin, working with the clues that Dr. Aldridge left him before jumping out of the plane (apparently into the sinkhole?), Gavin realized that “the beginning,” November 16, 1988, was the day he was adopted. Sending a growling Izzy back to school and then scrutinizing his fuzzy pre-adoption life, Gavin discovered with help from Dr. Nathan and her seemingly abundant CPS sources that he had been deposed with CPS by clergy from a church in Topanga.

They’d found him wandering along a road with a 12-year-old girl who, like Gavin, was suffering from amnesia. Gavin doesn’t remember the girl, but Sophia again works with her abundant contacts to narrow it down to Ella, an artist in Silver Lake. (On the way, Gavin saw a photo of Sophia’s betrothed and sadly shared the news that, seen through his visions, Diana is dead.)

When Gavin and Sophia arrive at Ella’s art gallery, it is closed, so they look around and find a sculpture garden – and it has a prominent piece in the form of the fort’s handprint. “I’ve seen this before,” Gavin notes. “Whatever it is, she’s connected to that place.”


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