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Juno Webmail
If you are wondering how to sign in to Juno Webmail, then you have come to the right place. Through this article, you will be guided step by step about the procedure for signing up for Juno Webmail.
Before learning how to sign up, we must first know a little about Juno Webmail. This can help you in understanding their service better, especially if you are a newcomer.

What is Juno Webmail?

Juno Webmail

Juno is a platform on the web, which provides free webmail services along with internet service.  It can be used from your personal computer to send and receive emails through the Juno software.
You can read or write an email while you are offline and download messages to your computer as well. Headquartered in New Jersey, it was established in 1996. Within a short period, it had become one of the best webmail service providers.
The webmail provided users with the opportunity to send and receive the 35KB of a message, which was a big deal back then. Eventually, with growing users, Juno became a premium service provider by 1998.
However, after years and years, Juno Webmail services have gone missing from the list of the best and top webmail service providers and reached less than 10 million subscribers.
Even though many people stopped using it, the small population still does. Today, Juno’s email service has evolved from basic to modern webmail service, which does not require any software for download. It also offers 1GB of space with other extra paid features.

Features of Juno Webmail 

Juno Webmail provides users with several features, both paid and unpaid, which attracts new subscribers. Some of those features are:
• You can access its webmail on online and offline mode because of its build-in program
• You can send and receive emails anywhere in the world
• You can also filter the junk mail
• You can use colors and graphics to write emails
• It offers options like Short and Deletes
• Provide spell check and rich text editor
• It has enhanced security features

Juno Account Sign Up

You would have to create a new Juno account to use all its features and services. You can do this by following a few easy steps to sign in to Juno Webmail. The steps are:
Juno webmail login
Step 1: Open your browser and head to the official site of Juno Webmail. You can also click here to open it.
Step 2:  Click on the “Create a New Account,” which will redirect you to the new page of free Juno email.
Step 3: Click on “Get Started”  and go to the form.  Here you would be asked for detailed information about yourself before you can use Juno.
You will have to fill out the information to create a new account carefully. Once you are done, your account will be set up, and you will be able to use Juno Webmail.

Enter the Basic Personal Information 

1. Select the title, such as Mr., Ms., and Mrs, from the options menu.
2. Type your “First Name” and “Last Name” in the text field, which will be your email account name in Juno.
3. Type the “Address,” which helps to know your location.
4. Enter your current City name, state name, and postal code.
5. For the ZIP/Postal code, enter your local postal code of your area, which you have given in the address.
6. Enter your Current Email address or give any webmail to register with Juno Webmail Platform. This will work as the recovery email address.
7. Once you received the verification code on your mobile phone, put the code into the “Personal Verification Code” field and click on the “Check Code” button.

For the New Member ID and Password 

1.  Enter the email address in Member ID, which will become your Juno ID
2. Enter a safe and secure password which will become your Juno password
3. Re-enter the password and do not share it or forget it
4. Juno will ask you a few questions that can be used to recover your password if you forget it. Select one question and answer it. These questions are secure.
5. Give your date of birth and create your Juno Webmail account.

Juno Webmail Login 

The login procedure of Juno Webmail Login is quite simple. All you need to do is to follow these steps:
Juno webmail login
1. Open your browser and go to Juno email for the login process.
2. Enter your Juno ID and click next.
3. Enter your Juno password, which you set while creating an account
4. Click the “Login” button and access the webmail without any hassle.

How to Change Your Juno Password?

If you want to change your password for security purposes, you can do that in a few minutes by following these steps:
1. Open Juno on your browser
2. Log in to your Juno account by using your Juno ID and Password
3. Search for the “Change Password” button at the top of the page or go to “My Account.”
4. Enter your name in Member ID
5. Type your current Juno password
6. Enter the new password, then re-enter it
7. Click the “Submit Your Request” button, and your password will be changed.
This covers more or less everything you need to do and need to know for setting up your Juno account. Now all that is left to do is to make one.