Jugni Yaaran Di Movie Review And Rating | Preet Baath, Deep Joshi

All set to hit the theatres on July 19, 2019, and directed by Sagar Sharma, Jugni Yaaran Di is a spectacular movie that features Preet Baath, Deep Joshi, Mahima Hora and Siddh Ahuja in the main leads. The actresses named Mahima and Siddhi are new faces in the Punjabi Film Industry. Both of them are highly talented and beautiful, which enabled the producer and director to select them as they suited the roles perfectly.

The film is produced by Baboo Lal Makhija, Deepak Choudhary, Neerraj Pathak, and Rajesh Hora. On the other hand, the main lead cast is supported well by other remarkable actors such as KumarAjay, Akshita Sethi, Manjit Singh, Mohit Bhaskar, and Jatin. Basically, the team of Jugni Yaaran Di is aimed to entertain its viewers with a touch of action, comedy, romanticism, and betrayal.

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The story of Jugni Yaaran Di is based on college life where two main leads (actors) meet. In the first go, the Preet Baath is portrayed as a tough man, who will not let anyone trouble him at all. He is the macho man of college and becomes a friend with another male lead (Deep Joshi). In the due course of time, two female leads appear in the college and Preet falls in love with one of them secretly.

He is not able to express his love and his friend keeps provoking him. The other one says that the daughter of a rogue will like a bad man only. One bad day, Preet sees his friend hugging a girl. This infuriates him badly and thinks that his friend has been betraying him all the way. 

At a point, Deep realizes that he is doing wrong and talks to his mother about it. He says that the matter of friendship and love interests cannot be handled together and he will talk to his friend clearly about everything. Now, the audience will have to watch the movie to know the exact consequences of the betrayal of one friend with the other one. Will their friendship will last or it will break? One has to watch the movie in theatres to know the climax.

Review Of Jugni Yaaran Di

The only thing that stands out in the movie is the performance of both the male lead actors, Preet Baath, and Deep Joshi. Everything else seems out of place. The scenes that these both characters share together are the only scenes which are eye candy for the audience.

The film celebrates love, friendship, break up, betrayal and other similar emotions. However, the film fails to keep the audience entertained throughout. The background score and music is great, thanks to music directors Gurmeet Singh, Jassi Katyal, Jugraj Rainkh and Vishal Khanna.

Apart from the unimpressive plot, the emotions are worth watching for. You can give this film a try this weekend.

My Rating: 2.5/5

Here is the trailer of the movie which you can check out before going to watch the movie.

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