Judgemental Hai Kya two days / day 2 box office collections

The Hindi cinema audience has grown wiser in the past few years. Movies providing quality content are getting a generous response from the viewers. It’s a talk of past days when the movie was judged on the name of the lead cast, now the subject matter advocates for itself.

Same was the case with the recently released Judgemental Hai Kya, it wasn’t a film featuring some big names, not to take anything away from Kangana and Rajkumar they both are phenomenal actors.

This film promised to offer some unique content and success for this film was on cards, the critics were advocating for the success of this film.

Judgemental Hai Kya

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As per everyone’s anticipation, this film has done some remarkable business at the box office. The film college a remarkable 7 crores on Saturday after 4.2 crores on an opening day. This is considered as a decent opening for the film considering that the Sunday is still to come.

This film came up with a unique storyline, depicting the life of mentally challenged women who gets overpowered by the characters she dubs for. It is a comedy-thriller, in the latter half of the film viewers will get to witness a murder mystery of which both the lead cast are suspects. Rajkumar Rai as Keshav appears to be a normal man, leading a happy life with his wife, Bobby is always suspicious of him and feels that he would kill Reema one day.

Her imaginations come true when Keshav’s wife actually dies one day, but all circumstantial evidence proves it to be an accidental death. Later half Focuses on finding the culprit.

Considering that both the actors have managed to do justice with their respective roles we can expect this film to do a handsome collection at the box office.

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