Isaidub 2024 Website: Download free HD new Tamil Dubbed movies online

Isaidub is a comparatively new but highly trending piracy website. This notorious website strives to provide pirated Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Malayalam, and Kannada movies, along with some ungrouped films, free of cost. The Indian Government has already banned the website. Whoever uses the website using a simple VPN service is vulnerable and gives up their identity in one way or another. Learn more about how a regular free VPN is useless by reading on.

Wicked Isaidub is uploading the new releases within hours or days. The quality of the video and audio components of the movie attracts more and more people to use the website’s services. Earlier, only Tamil movies were vulnerable to piracy on this website. But now, movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Pakistani, etc., are available.

Nowadays, Hollywood or other language movies, which sometimes take one or two days to get released in India, comes first on Piracy websites like Isaidub before the Theatre premiere.

Movies such as Baaghi 3, Guilty, Junction Varanasi, Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, Chhapaak, Operation Parindey, etc., Escape from Pretoria, Foxtrot Six, Guns Akimbo, The Call of the Wild, Brahms: The boy 2, Curiosa, Captain Marvel XXX, Parasite, Telugu Movies, Sarileru Neekkevaru, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, etc. among others had been released on the first few days itself.

The film industry suffers a loss of almost $3 billion yearly because of these piracy or torrent websites. These websites, like Isaimini, Isaidub, Moviezwap, and many more, leak the movie within a few hours of its official release, which reduces the number of people who spend money to watch movies. Due to this, movie makers suffer a loss.

Isaidub: How it works?

The advent of better technology in rural areas is the primary reason for this piracy outbreak. The unprotected screens of local theatres also release the latest and trending movies. Yet, they don’t strictly follow the anti-piracy technology well enough. As a result, the net of piraters spread across India who discretely work for the website can shoot the video on their cheap but high-spec phone and upload it without much cost.

It is easy to understand that the website receives considerable revenue from the users by luring them into popup advertisements when they click the download link. So each click and engagement earns them a decent income. As a genuine ad server such as AdSense by Google can’t be used by these websites due to personal details, they use other propellers and advertisement networks that allow complete privacy.

Some TV series and movies from Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc., leaked even before the movie’s official premiere in Theatres. This shows the dangerous growth of these websites with contact from insiders of the film. Sometimes reports are that the Isaidub folk managed to pirate content from special screening shows directly, which is nearly impossible.

List of the latest movies Pirated by Isaidub

Isaidub, as its name signifies, is famous for publishing dubbed movies from Hindi and English to Tamil, Telugu, etc. There is a very long list of movies on this website. You can find almost all the trending movies on this website dubbed into your mother tongue.

Pet Sematary, Alita Battle Angel, How to Train Your Dragon, The Hidden World, Spider-Man, Far From Home, Wonder Park, Hellboy, Annabelle Comes Home, Shazam, Men in Black International, Red Eye, White Girl, The Lost City of Z, Secretary, and many more. 

Movie Categories on Isaidub

Isaidub’s website has a wide range of categories for viewers. Many types can be found on the website. Some of the classes that Isaidub offers are as follows:- 

  • Tamil HD Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil A – Z Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2016 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2017 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2018 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2019 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2020 Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood Movies

Are there any alternatives for Isaidub?

Yes, there are many alternatives. Even though we recommend using genuine options such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar Premium, Jio Movies, ErosNow, etc., many illegal piracy websites surface over the internet. They are,

Here are some websites where you can download HD’s latest trending films for free.

As you see, there are a lot of alternatives for Isaidub. Unfortunately, this massive abundance of piracy websites makes it harder for filmmakers to hit the potential collection record. The ISPs banned the lion’s share of the film industry websites to counter this. Unfortunately, none of this works, as these websites sprout up as fast as they are taken down. Sometimes within minutes, with a new proxy server.

Popularity of Isaidub rates another website on various criteria like the number of active users and daily traffic. Based on these criteria gives a rank of each website globally. As per the website, the global level of Isaidub is 535,128. The website is growing each day at an exponential rate, due to which it has become more popular, and its international class has now increased from 996,708 to 535,128. Isaidub gets around 5.85 million views yearly. 

Isaidub: Estimated Worth is a website that estimates the worth of different websites based on data provided by, like traffic, daily active users, and the amount of time spent on the website. As per worthOfWeb, the estimated worth of Isaidub is around US $15,092, and the website Isaidub is estimated to have advertising revenues of around US $17,280. 

Isaidub 2024 Website: Download free HD new Tamil Dubbed movies online

Isaidub: Is it Safe?

The Isaidub doesn’t ask you for personal details before downloading the files. You can access the website with a VPN, meaning they don’t care about your whereabouts. You can download free HD movies without providing personal details or filling out forms or survey forums to get links. You can click the link to the movie and be taken directly to the film. Yet that isn’t the only way they can put a trace on you.

Nowadays, people are getting more accustomed to technology. From broken knowledge, they take pride in knowing how to escape from the authority taking the four walls of their rooms to provide enough privacy to do anything illegal. This is 2024, people. You might know how to download a free VPN from the Playstore, and with one click, you can skip the authority warning sign blocking some websites by the Indian Government. Or you know how to use a proxy.

These are nothing. The VPNs, especially the free ones, keep a record of your real IP addresses and your MAC address which is a solid identity leak in case of virtuality. This is enough for the authority to get to you.

Is Isaidub illegal to download movies from?

Yes. The site is a blocklisted website from which, if you download or access any file, it is a criminal offense treated equally punishable as publishing the content. Such sites promote piracy and watch the latest movies without paying the Entertainment tax and breaching copyright and trademark protocols entrusted only to the filmmakers. Doing such a deed is punishable under the Piracy Law 2012 by the Indian Panel Code(IPC).

The punishment includes six months to 3 years of imprisonment and a penalty of up to 200,000 Rs. The person who watches the video from the websites will also be punished equally. However, the cases filed against the wrongdoers are significantly fewer. As the copyright holder can block the website, that is the only thing they do.

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