Is The Latest Episode The Last We Will See Of Helen? New Amsterdam Season 5 Fall Finale Updates


Is Freema Agyeman leaving New Amsterdam, and is her character of Helen Sharpe actually gone after the season 5 fall finale?

For most of the season so far, the status of Sharpe has been a concern — we know that she wants to be in London, and that she and Max are ready to start their future there. It’s something that matters to her tremendously, as does Ryan Eggold’s character.

We do have a number of hang-ups about Max’s future, mostly because he’s had a longstanding tendency to put his career above any personal relationships that he has. However, we’ve been a little more steadfast that Sharpe will end up leaving tonight. That’s no guarantee that she will, but we entered the fall finale with the expectation that it would happen.

New Amsterdam Season 5 Fall Finale

Of course, even if it does, you also have to remember that this is no 100% guarantee that Freeman is leaving. It may just mean that she is away from the hospital for a bit. The only concern we have with this fall finale is simply that we’ve seen a lot of cast members leave shows over the past few years, with the rigors of shooting during a global pandemic being one of the principal reasons. The hours are long and beyond just that, many of these people have been forced to be away from home for lengthy periods of time. Working in TV can be tough, but this has really brought things to yet another level.

We’ll be back with more episodes throughout the fall finale for updates on what Helen decides — be sure to refresh the page!

Entering tonight’s New Amsterdam fall finale, did you think that Freema Agyeman would be leaving the show?

Be sure to let us know below! After you do just that, stick around — there are more updates coming and of course, we don’t want you to miss them.


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