Is Kevin McKidd Leaving? – There Is A Reason To Be Very Scared.


Grey's Anatomy' Star Kevin McKidd Gets a Shout Out on Twitter From Onscreen Ex Sandra Oh and Fans Are Loving ItIs Kevin McKidd leaving? Grey’s Anatomy next week season 18 episode 9? Could Owen Hunt really die? Based on the new promo that ABC has released, there is a reason to be very scared.

Based on said promo, it looks like Owen’s driver is having a heart attack during a drive, causing their car to overturn and jeopardize his future. This isn’t the first time a character on this show has been in a horrific condition due to a car accident, and we hope things get a little better than some of the others.

if Grey’s decides to kill Owen for whatever reason, they remove one of their most important characters from the past ten years from the equation. While McKidd may not be an original cast member, he already exists a long time and has had important relationships with so many people. He is also a valuable cornerstone of this hospital in general.

For now, we must go ahead and note that there is no direct evidence that McKidd is leaving the show. If he was, we’re not sure you would to have to kill him. Can he just go somewhere else? There are arguments for that, but it’s hard to imagine him leaving Teddy, let alone any other family roots he has in Seattle. We can’t even imagine him drawing an Alex since Karev didn’t leave any kids behind; instead, he left and was with some kids he didn’t know he had with Izzie.

The irony of all this is that this is supposed to be a Christmas episode – is it really that merry all of a sudden?

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Are you worried Kevin McKidd is leaving? Grey’s Anatomy, and that Owen is really dead?

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