Invincible: Season 2 Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

It’s long due for a new superhero to be in the town, and here we are. Invincible is an American animated superhero streaming service Series that is being aired on Amazon Prime Video. It’s based on the comic book (written by Robert Kirkman) character of the same name.

The plot of Invincible is what makes it interesting. It is about Mark Grayson, who is just another teenager until he starts developing superhero powers shortly after his seventeenth birthday. His father, Nolan, is the most powerful superhero on the planet, and he enters into his father’s supervision. The show focuses on his self-discovery of the other side of the coin of being a superhero. He realizes the harsh realities of being a superhero the hard way by experiencing them while still struggling to define himself as one.


Invincible Season 2 Release Date: What’s The Renewal Status?

With all the hype and excitement running around, we might be wondering about the show’s future, and here is all we know about the show. The Amazon Prime Video does not yet renew invincible, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It might well be.

There is no specific announcement about the idea of the renewal, and so, no release date has been given out yet about the following season. Amazon is probably waiting to be sure of the show’s performance on the platform before giving the go-ahead for the future. The first season is still streaming on Prime Video.

Invincible Season Two Cast 

‘Invincible’ season stars Steven Yen as the teenage superhero Mark Grayson. J.K.Simmons as the planet’s strongest hero(Omni-Man), Nolan Grayson, father of Mark Grayson Sandra Oh as Debbie Grayson, wife of Omni-Man.

Without any announcement about the show’s future, it would only be speculation to call the casting. Still, it would be safe to assume the prime characters returning to the next season if there is one—i.e., Grayson family.

Let’s all sit back and wait for the superhero to continue his journey.