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Instagram fraudster Hushpuppi allowed to keep account despite part in £17m con

An Instagram influencer who was arrested for millions of dollars worth of money laundering can continue using his social media account.

Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi was living a high-life in Dubai while laundering money.

The 37-year-old Nigerian pleaded guilty to his involvement in the crimes, which generated profits of around £17 million.

Instagram did not remove his verified account despite his plea and arrest, which could land him a sentence of 20 years in prison.

Abbas attracted 2.5 million followers as he lived a lavish lifestyle with flash cars and expensive watches.

Ramon Abbas
Abbas gained popularity by displaying his luxury life which was revealed to have come through money laundering

His car collection featured a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maybach.

Since police raided his apartment in Palazzo Versace, Dubai Creek in 2020, Abbas has not posted anything to the account.

According to The National, Instagram has ‘well-established processes’ with law enforcement and ‘a policy on “inmate takedown requests” in place for prisoners active on social media’.

Ramon Abbas
During his scams, Abbas attempted to scam a Premier League club out of £100 million

The outlet goes on to say Instagram would not remove the account unless law enforcement in the US directed them.

Abbas is currently in prison awaiting his sentencing in the US. He would be free to post as long as he was granted access.

One of his scams saw an attempt to steal more than £800,000 from a wealthy benefactor looking to fund a children’s school in Qatar.

Ramon Abbas
At the time of his arrest, Abbas had a collection of 13 luxury cars

Abbas also worked in a gang to get a Premier League team to hand over £100m back in 2019.

Nearly two million victims could be found in Abbas’s computer and phone records.

Following an international police investigation, they uncovered almost £29 million in cash on his arrest.

Speaking previously about his crimes, Kristi Johnson, the acting director of the FBI’s Los Angeles office, labelled Abbas one of the “most high-profile money launderers in the world”

Ramon Abbas
He would share his lavish shopping trips and luxury clothes with his 2.5 million followers

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Ms Johnson said he used his “celebrity status and ability to make connections seeped into legitimate organisations and led to several spin-off schemes in the US and abroad”.

We reached out to Instagram regarding a comment.

Instagram fraudster Hushpuppi allowed to keep account despite part in £17m con
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