Inside The Accusations Against Michael Jordan’s Son Jeffrey


Inside The Accusations Against Michael Jordan's Son Jeffrey

Jeffrey Jordan fell in a bar on September 24. As TMZ reported, Jeffrey was hanging out at the Casa Amigos bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, when took a tumble and hit his head. When security at the bar was trying to help Jeffrey so that he could get medical help, he allegedly became aggressive with them. The bar called the police, and later, an ambulance took Jeffrey to the hospital.

At the hospital, Jeffrey then allegedly assaulted hospital staff, according to Page Six. They were trying to tend to Jeffrey when he began fighting them. As a result, there was a report filed for aggravated assault. However, it’s worth noting that Michael Jordan’s son was neither arrested nor charged.

TMZ noted that Jeffrey was “confused and disoriented” because of the fall he took at the bar. He remained in the hospital following the incident. The outlet adds that police will review the claims and see if there is substance to them. 


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