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Inside Julie Andrews’ childhood – parents’ divorce and biological father revelation

Julie Andrews, beloved screen and stage icon, turns 86 today, October 1, 2021.

Andrews has entertained audiences with some of her most memorable roles over the decades: Mary Poppins in The Princess Diaries and Queen Clarisse Renaldi In The Princess Diaries. Maria Von Trapp was in The Sound of Music. She also voiced Fiona’s mother in Shrek 2.

She was an entertainer at a young age. In her 2008 book A Memoir about my Early Years, she recalls her childhood.

Andrews was born Julia Elizabeth Wells October 1, 1935, Walton-on Thames in Southern England. She grew up alongside her mother and step-father who were Vaudeville performers.

Julie Andrews attends the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement photocall during the 76th Venice Film Festival
Julie Andrews is at the Golden Lion Photocall for Lifetime Achievement, during the 76th Venice Film Festival

Barbara Andrews was her mother and a classical pianist. Andrews, like her mother, entered showbusiness at a young age. She would often perform in music halls.

At 19 years old, she was cast in Cinderella’s production at the London Palladium.

Andrews writes about her father Ted Wells in her book. He was a teacher who had taught her to read at three years old.

1st November 1948: Julie Andrews as a child singer, performing on stage at the Palladium during a Royal Command Performance.
1st November 1948: Julie Andrews, a child singer, performs on the Palladium stage during a Royal Command Performance.

Her mother, however, left her for Ted Andrews when she was just four years old. According to the Daily Express, the actress said that Ted Andrews is her biological father. “It was hard for me to embrace my stepfather (Ted Andrews) because I still adored my father.”

Andrews remembered that her stepfather loved to drink and that he and his mother used to row together.

Andrews was 14 when Ted Wells became her biological father.

English actress and singer Julie Andrews, circa 1955.
Julie Andrews is an English actress and singer, circa 1955.

In her 2008 memoir she describes how she was asked by her family to perform at their home as a teenager. She then met the owner of that house and it was an instant friendship. “electricity”They are interconnected.

Her mother revealed to her on her way back that Andrews was the biological father of the house’s owner and a family friend.

Andrews’ mother maintained a close relationship with him, while Andrews was in a relationship that Andrews believed was her father.

The actress stated, however, in her memoir: “I was able to push it to a dark corner of my mind. It did not alter the fact that the man who had raised me was the man I loved. I would always consider him my father.”

Andrews recalls Wells being a frequent visitor to her house on weekends, and they would often spend time together riding bikes. He also walked her down to the aisle on her big day.

Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries (2001)
Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries 2001

Andrews, who began her career as a Vaudeville performer during her youth, has been one of the most loved icons on stage and screen.

Andrews, who was denied the role of Eliza Doolittle by Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, went on as the star in Mary Poppins.

Andrews won her first Academy Award for this role, and the rest is history.

Julie Andrews won an Academy Award for playing Mary Poppins
Julie Andrews won an Academy Award playing Mary Poppins

You can catch her next on screen in 2022 in Minions: The Rise of Gru.

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Inside Julie Andrews' childhood – parents' divorce and biological father revelation
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