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Inside Ana De Armas’ Relationship With Paul Boukadakis

Inside Ana De Armas' Relationship With Paul Boukadakis

According to photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Ana de Armas was pictured for the first time with her rumored boyfriend Paul Boukadakis on September 19. While strolling through JFK Airport together, the duo wore color-coordinating outfits. De Armas wore a pinstripe jacket, white shirt and black trousers, while Boukadakis wore a navy blue jacket and white shirt with black pants. Do matching outfits signify true love? Although it may not be a sign of true love, it is certainly a step in a positive direction. Another positive sign was the fact that de Armas was spotted putting her hand on Boukadakis’ back while they were going through security.

Per the Daily Mail, de Armas is prepping to promote the new Bond movie “No Time to Die,” so perhaps the airport excursion hints that Boukadakis is supporting her on set. As Page Six notes, things between them started off so well that the tech exec had already introduced her to his family back in June — so jetting off to spend time together during filming seems like a major milestone. Interestingly, Boukadakis appears to have been in the showbiz business! His IMDb page reveals that he’s directed and produced several music videos, as well as commercials. This could be the case of the couple who plays together, but stays together.

Inside Ana De Armas' Relationship With Paul Boukadakis
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