Hulu: The Great Season 2 – Updates!


Streaming service Hulu has announced that The Great (Season 2) is arriving very soon! The show which was one of the most successful original comedies has been renewed for another season with 10 episodes. Starring Elle Fanning, who is also an executive producer on the show, the show follows the story of Empress Catherine II as the sovereign of 18th century Russia. The plot will pick where it left off in the previous season. It is a comedic drama and also can be seen as satire, and received good reviews from critics. Therefore, fans can definitely look forward to another delightful season.

The Great (Season 2): Plot and Cast

The Great (Season 2): Plot and Cast

As per the official synopsis by Entertainment Tonight, season 2 will show Catherine finally taking over the Russian throne. However, she will still have to fight many other forces such as her own mother in an attempt to bring order and enlightenment to the nation. She will also have to figure out what her heart wants when it comes to her husband Peter. Catherine must decide whether she loves him or hates him. She will also learn the beauty and pain of motherhood as she is pregnant and will perhaps give birth in season two. The show is not a historically accurate one therefore audiences can just sit back and enjoy.

With regard to the cast, Fanning will be reprising her role as Empress Catherine II. She has also made a cryptic hint that Nicholas Hoult may be returning in the role of her husband Peter. It has also been confirmed that Gillian Anderson will be joining the cast as Catherine’s mother, Joanna. She is best known as the star of the hit Netflix show, Sex Education.

The Great (Season 2): Release Date and Official Trailer

Season 2 of The Great premieres on 19th November 2021 on the streaming service Hulu. All the episodes will be released at once therefore fans can binge watch and enjoy the show! Watch the official trailer here:

A Hulu subscription will be required to watch the show.


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