How to Show Your Employees That You Care About Them

As an employer, your employee’s perception of you is critical. While some bosses are charismatic leaders with admirable values, some are just a pain in the neck. Most employers want to be seen as ambitious, decisive, or assertive heads. However, if the personal connection with the workers is missing, their perception of you will be hard to change. This connection can only be achieved by how well you treat them.

Why Should You Take Care of Your Employees?

Most workers desire to be valued by their employers both as a worker and as an individual. Human resource experts suggest that taking care of your workers improves their productivity. In essence, here are some other benefits:

  • It motivates them to get better at what they do
  • It is a contributing factor toward job satisfaction and retention
  • It creates a positive job atmosphere
  • The employees show more dedication and commitment

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Workers

Below are ten tips to help you show more concern and care to your workers.

1.    Create a Safe and Clean Environment in the Workspace

You can achieve this environment by eliminating potential hazards and ensuring that all workers are trained and qualified in operational safety. Additionally, put up visual safety assistors for physically challenged employees.

Safety at work and cleanliness aren’t a game, but they can be carried out in a fun way nevertheless. Come up with fun methods that integrate sanitation with other workplace routines. For example, playing cleanliness-based quizzes, trivia, or even setting aside specific days for cleaning at work.

2.    Show Interest and Concern in Their Personal Life

It is good to show concern about your worker’s life without being intrusive. While you can use Nuwber to get their family details, it’s wiser to ask them personally. Your employees may not be comfortable with you snooping into their privacy. To avoid all the creepiness, show your concern by rewarding them on their most important days. For instance, you can pay for their honeymoon or send them a gift on their birthday.

Workers with personal problems might find it hard to interact positively in the workplace. Listen carefully to your staff’s concerns and provide reasonable assistance. Occasionally check in afterward as a follow-up to ensure they’re progressing smoothly.

3.    Acknowledge Their Hard Work

Employees put in all the effort they can to guarantee success at the workplace. It is only fair to make them feel recognized for this. Look for frequent opportunities to recognize hard work, contributions, and your employee’s sacrifices. You can verbalize it by giving sincere compliments in person or appreciating them in your staff meetings. You can also buy them physical gifts to make them feel valued and recognized for their input at work. Throwing them a party would also encourage high performance.

4.    Take Time To Offer Assistance

When you offer to help your staff on both a personal and professional basis, it will never go unappreciated. If anything, your workers are willing to return the favor. Proactive help is offering assistance when they struggle, even without asking for it first.

However, draw a line between offering your help and controlling them. If your employees think you micro-manage them, this might affect their confidence.

5.    Create an Open and Transparent Environment

For relationships to thrive at work, the environment needs to be open and transparent. It isn’t easy to open up about traumatizing situations. To change the narrative, create a conducive culture. If you have resources, consider hiring a professional to provide therapy and psychological help to your employees.

It helps them deal with difficult and uncomfortable situations, but most importantly, these workers will trust you.

6.    Offer Desirable and Competitive Benefits

If you want to foster company retention and show concern for your employees, offer them an unbeatable benefit and compensation plan. Employees value workplaces that appreciate their efforts now and in the future. Some of the desirable benefits for your employees include:

  • Health insurance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Lucrative retirement benefits
  • Paid leaves and sabbaticals.

7.    Make Time for the Workers to Socialize

Organize meet and greet parties for workers to relax, socialize, and bond. Prioritize social events for your staff, such as company outings, team-building retreats, picnics, dinners, or breakfasts. It is even better if they can bring their spouses or kids to some of these occasions. In fact, you can even make it a company tradition.

8.    Help Your Employees Grow in Their Career

Every employer wants their employees to put their best foot forward. It is often easy and more comfortable to retain top-performing employees in the position where they perform their best. Nevertheless, accommodate your workers in areas they are interested in, even if that’s not their primary skill set. Push your workers to step out of their comfort zones to broaden their capabilities. Promote qualified workers regularly and on merit. Hold your workers up for them to be seen, recognized, and grow.

9.    Listen To Them More

While barking orders or supervision can be fun and exciting, you need to do more to show your employees you care. Listening shows more concern and is also a sign of someone with good communication skills. If your employees feel heard, this encourages them to air their views and ideas often.

10.  Set Realistic Goals

Everything we’ve discussed is workable, but it can all be useless if you set unrealistic organizational goals. When expectations are too high for your workers, they get demotivated or feel pressured. It creates an unconducive environment and kills their morale.

For your workers to dedicate themselves entirely to your company’s success, they need to feel you’re setting them up for success, not the opposite. Assure them of rewards and set SMART goals as motivation. 


There are different ways you can show your employees you care. Celebrating their small wins and appreciating them go a long way. When they see your concern about them, they are willing to do their best to ensure your business succeeds. Focus on letting them know that you do not just see them as worker bees and watch the magic happen.

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