How To Get Casted on Cobra Kai Season 4? Release Date and Audition Details

Cobra Kai’s massively popular run has led to another season. That’s right; Cobra Kai is currently in the middle of Season 4’s production. However, the best news is that the show might go on to shoot two more seasons.

How To Get Casted on Cobra Kai Season 4? Release Date and Audition Details

How to Get Casted on Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai could shoot up to six seasons. With production for Season 4 already running, there isn’t much scope for the current season. Wondering how to be cast in Cobra Kai? Keep an eye out for calls.

For Season 4, the directors and the producers sent outcalls. These calls and information regarding the same can be found on “Backstage” magazine. Before COVID-19 struck the world, the show was old-school about its auditions through tapes and emails.

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Cobra Kai: Season 4 Filming Update

Season 4 for Cobra Kai began in early February 2021. Although Netflix hasn’t released any information, it is expected that Season 4 would air in early 2022.

The Cobra Kai crew was looking for two new roles for the new season, a mean kid and skating teens. Actors have already been cast for these new roles.

How To Get Casted on Cobra Kai Season 4? Release Date and Audition Details

Things to keep in mind: Cobra Kai Auditions

Cobra Kai constantly on the look for extra and backstage actors. If being cast in the series is what you want, you can check out these areas’ calls.

However, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • For Extra and Backstage Actor Auditions: Cobra Kai is usually shot in the area around Atlanta (Georgia). For these roles, the actors don’t get relocation or travel costs. Therefore, you should be a “local” for these roles.
  • General Advice for being Cast in Cobra Kai: Keep your body in good physical shape. Cobra Kai has many fight sequences; it is possible you’d have to act some out as well.

During the time of COVID, there were specific COVID-19 mandatory testing requirements. It is possible that for new cast recruits, Cobra Kai may have some particular needs.

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Cobra Kai: Details About Casting Director

Alexis Frank Koczara and Christine Smith Shevchenko from Koczara/Shevchenko Casting are the primary casting directors for Cobra Kai. The duo is known for their eye for talent.

Although a point worth noting is that franchises such as Cobra Kai do not post casting calls in public but through agents. You may need an agent to hook you up with some opportunities in Cobra Kai.

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How To Audition for Cobra Kai?

Once you get a letter or a callback, you’d have to follow instructions. Before COVID-19, the auditions happened through self-tapes and in-person. Furthermore, the callbacks were requested to read their lines and even participate in fight scenes.

How To Get Casted on Cobra Kai Season 4? Release Date and Audition Details

Kurt Yue, who plays George, spoke about his three auditions for Cobra Kai. Yue says that when you audition for Cobra Kai, it is not the role you want; you could be potentially be cast for another role in the future.

With that said, Cobra Kai is proactive with casting. To be a part of the crew, keep an eye out for details, or get an agent to help you out.

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