How to cope up with writing essays if you are an ESL student studying abroad

International students in Canada with English as a second language (ESL) struggle with many challenges as they try to adapt to cultural changes, linguistic barriers and higher level of academics. It is not surprising that a combination of these factors begins to overwhelm students. The ensuing anxiety can result in ESL students going retrograde in their academic journey. 

University education in Canada does place huge demands on the student community. The average life of an aspiring university student is a combination of classes, regular assessments and evaluations, examinations, and scheduled submission of academic assignments which could be essays, dissertations, thesis, literary reviews, and others. The submission of assignments will be in all the subjects chosen by the student.

How to cope up with writing essays if you are an ESL student studying abroad

There are several types of essays and delivering academic essays according to the guidelines of the university in a stipulated timeframe is imperative for good grades. Whatever is the major subject, good reading, writing, and comprehension is a prerequisite for scoring well in academic essays and assignments. 

What makes essay writing challenging to ESL students?

When ESL students enter a foreign country, they begin to feel inferior to native English speakers. ESL students find that they are unable to perform as well as the native English speakers. Further, they are unable to shake off the influence of their native and cultural structures, especially during an academic writing task. Not knowing the patterns of organizing text structure in English pushes them to a corner making them diffident.  Most ESL students are unable to deliver a coherent academic essay due to problems with vocabulary and inability to compose ideas in Native English. They are unable to tackle varied writing, reading, and solving academic tasks.

According to statistics, nearly 79% of ESL students expressed a keen desire to study academic writing skills. Further, nearly 40% of ESL students did not receive adequate support from ESL instructors to improve their writing skills. ESL classrooms offer only limited training for such students and this is insufficient to cope with the demands of academic assignments at the university level.

ESL students in Canada face the following challenges:

  • Influence of native culture and educational system
  • Inadequate knowledge of collection and preparation of material needed for academic essays
  • Inability to comprehend the content
  • Extreme anxiety when faced with essay writing task
  • Rhetorical and linguistics problems 
  • Lacking cognitive comprehension
  • Difficulty with paragraph organization
  • Inability to perfect text structure
  • Psychological barriers during writing tasks
  • Reading difficulties that adversely impact writing performance

Therefore, ESL students in Canada battle extreme anxiety when it comes to academic English writing and submission of essays to college and university.

Tips to help ESL students in Canada cope up with essay writing 

Whatever be the type of essay, be it an informative essay or an analytical one, or even a persuasive one, a long or a short essay, the process of writing an essay always begins with the outline. 

Outline of the Essay 

An essay outline is the first step as it helps plan the crucial points of the essay and give it a structure. An outline usually helps in creating a successful piece of writing.

The outline organizes the essay and it is easy to start writing when the structure is clear. The outline enables a framework of what the essay may look like at the starting phase itself.

The outline must have four important areas:

  • Central argument or thesis statement
  • Topic sentences
  • A body which should contain significant and not so significant supporting arguments
  • Conclusion

Quality over quantity 

It is important to ensure you write quality content and not quantity. Often, the international students with ESL assume that if they write more wordy content, it may fetch them better grades for their essays. In their zeal to add more words to their academic essays, they lose sight of what is more important- Quality. When too many words are added to a paragraph, the structure goes awry and the reader is unable to get the intention of the paragraph.

Make sure to research for information about the topic from the resources available online and in physical libraries at the universities. Factually accurate and well-researched content makes the essay information-rich and interesting to readers. 

Always keep the reader in mind

It is easy to forget about the reader. Keeping the reader in mind puts perspective to academic essay writing. It is important to develop interesting and engaging ways to write. The key aspect is also to make the writing relevant to the readers. Clear and lucid communication in words will help establish a connection with readers and convey the objective of the essay

Never miss proofreading and editing along with spellcheck

Editing provides a distinguishing element to writing. It can mean all the difference between a well-written essay and a poorly written one.

The initial draft is the first step.  Next is to edit what is written.  Once the argument takes shape in the draft, it is time to edit the content. The editing process helps in setting right errors related to grammar, the structure of sentences, voice, vocabulary, and spelling. 

Editing helps get the final version of the essay in place. It also helps to find out if there is consistency and clarity of all points made in the essay.

To do a perfect job of editing one’s own piece of writing, the following pointers may help:

  1. Do not edit immediately after writing the draft. A gap of a day or two helps in spotting the mistakes in the draft. Sometimes it is difficult to spot one’s own writing mistakes especially if writers edit soon after writing.
  2. Go back to the outline and verify against the plan made initially. The outline kick-starts the writing work and helps check if the writing was according to the plan. 
  • Take the assistance of legitimate online academic writing services such as Canada Essay Writing for proofreading and editing. 

Take the assistance of Canada Essay Writing to relieve stress  

Most of the ESL students studying in Canada find that writing a college-level essay is a new skill. They often have no idea how to write their essays and end up asking their friends, “Can you write my essay?” ESL students feel they are thrown in the deep end coping with challenges of academics, examinations, extracurricular activities, and submission of timely academic assignments.  

The challenge is manifold for ESL students as they face many linguistic and comprehension barriers. This only increases their anxiety levels and can cause a huge setback in their educational journey. It is here that the services of legitimate online academic writing services, such as Canada essay writing can help to save the day for ESL students in Canada.

Benefits of Canada Essay Writing Service for ESL students

Canada essay writing service is a legitimate online essay writing services company assisting the student community for close to 9 years. They have a team of expert writers and editors that have the domain qualification, experience, and skill to deliver academic essays on time.

Professional expertise

Choosing a professional online essay writing service brings expertise to the essay like no other. This is because, the expert writers know the nuances of writing academic essays for Canadian colleges and universities, unlike an ESL student.  For an international student grappling with challenges on all fronts, writing a good-quality essay may cause more stress and inhibit other student activities.  Good grades: 

Essays written by online academic writing services companies are professional and well written. This is because the organization is aware of the guidelines followed by universities for essay submissions. When essays are written by Canada essay writing services, the student receives good grades. This is an encouragement in the academic journey and creates more opportunities for the student to perform well.

Relieves stress

Stress is a constant companion for ESL students. As they leave the comfort zones of their own country and travel to study abroad, they sometimes are in a culture shock. They also face language barriers and some of them are unable to follow native English. Such students are under a lot of pressure to cope with assignment submissions, attend classes, examinations, and extracurricular activities. Essay writing companies take on the task of writing the assignments. This takes away a huge burden from the students, allowing time to focus on other academic pursuits. Essentially, essay writing services help ESL students enjoy their college life.

Guidelines from samples

The online essay writing service such as Canada Essay Writing has thousands of samples on the website. These samples can provide a guideline for ESL writers to draft an essay. 

Plagiarism free edited work ready for submission

Professional essay writing companies in Canada such as Canada’s writing service can help ESL students cope with the tasks of delivering college essays on time and in keeping with the guidelines from Canadian Universities.  Written by native language experts with knowledge in the subject, the essays delivered are genuine, plagiarism-free, and superior in quality and timeliness. Good grades are a natural outcome of hiring such services.

Win-win proposition 

Assistance from the expert team of writers in essay writing can take the pressure off ESL students in Canada, allowing them time to focus on studies and other activities. They can submit the mandatory assignments on time that is a prerequisite to securing good grades in college. Further, scoring well in essays and assignments adds to the overall academic performance. This will open up better opportunities for students to get a coveted internship or a job paving the way for a bright future.

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