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How Cote De Pablo Got Injured While Filming NCIS

How Cote De Pablo Got Injured While Filming NCIS

Cote de Pablo’s role of special agent Ziva David on “NCIS” was physically taxing and involved several stunts and action scenes, which the actor did not shy away from. It was during the filming of one such scene that she got injured. De Pablo recalled the incident in a 2012 interview, remembering how filming the scene felt like being in a “war zone” as she and her colleagues were not well prepared for it.

“When the stunt started, I was trying to scream my line, because of course as an actor, you’re like, ‘Remember your lines–you only have one pass at this, ’cause they can’t recreate the entire explosion!'” she told Prevention, adding that she had to “say one line, turn around, and then there would be explosions, gunshots, all sorts of things.” Her injury was unfortunate, but also unique. “We were supposed to be in a big restaurant kitchen, and I was being hit by flying cabbage — I still have the bruises on my legs,” she explained.

Despite the injury risks associated with her role, de Pablo did have an idea of how to be tough enough for that, as her fighting spirit was something that came naturally to her. She had revealed in an interview with CBS New York in 2019 that her character was inspired by her everyday life in Brooklyn, which required her “to be tough about a lot of situations.”

How Cote De Pablo Got Injured While Filming NCIS
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