Here’s How Much Robert Durst Is Really Worth


Here's How Much Robert Durst Is Really Worth

Viewers of HBO’s “The Jinx” were posed a fundamental question about the frequently grimacing little man at the documentary’s center: Is Robert Durst crazy — or crazy like a fox? His clever maneuvering to keep out of prison suggests the answer is either.

Robert Durst and his current wife Debrah Lee Charatan dated for about two years in the 1980s, says The Sun. Things got serious though in 2000 when, as recounted by The Guardian, the Kathleen Durst case was reopened. As noted in “The Jinx,” Robert splurged on a $77,000 engagement ring and popped the question to Charatan, a real-estate player in her own right. Because she was rushed to get married, she is not allowed to testify against her husband if she has any knowledge about Kathleen’s death. Spousal privilege protects her from knowing anything.

Charatan has reportedly not spoken to Robert since the airing of “The Jinx,” according to The New York Times. Multiple sources told The New York Times that she was willing to marry a man she might have known to be a killer in order to fulfil her ambitions. ”For Debbie, it’s all about the money. When she met Bob, she hit pay dirt,” said Adelaide Polsinelli, who worked for Charatan for 12 years. Another former colleague claimed, ”She’s an excellent broker, but she’s also one of the most ruthless people I have ever come across.”


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