Here’s A List Of Anime Characters With Orange Hair


Anime characters with orange hair: Orange is an unusual hair color that is also very attractive to the eye. For starters, there aren’t many anime characters with orange hair. It’s not the most common color you’ll come across. When it comes to unusual hair tones, anime characters have a lot of options! This is why it will be entertaining to take inspiration from orange haired anime heroines. As a result, the character designs become clearer and more memorable when you do that. Without further ado, let’s dive into this article’s list of orange-haired anime characters.

There are a variety of other colors to choose from, including red, green, yellow, pink, and others. However, it has to be the strangest hair color a person could have, but it is also stunning. Orange-haired anime characters!

Orange Haired Anime Characters: Orange Haired Anime Characters List

List of anime characters with orange hair

The top 10 characters with great personalities who have Orange Hair are listed below.

1. Kyo Sohma

Here's A List Of Anime Characters With Orange Hair

Kyo Sohma is a main character in the Fruits Basket anime/manga series who is cursed by the soul of the zodiac cat. Tohru Honda’s lover and husband. He has two unnamed children and the father of Hajime Sohma.

When he is cuddled by someone of the opposite sex or when he is under a lot of stress, he turns into an orange cat. The cat is not an animal of the Chinese zodiac, but legend has it that if the rat hadn’t tricked him, the cat would have been there. As a result, he and Yuki Sohma (the rat) had a tense relationship, with Kyo blaming Yuki for all his misery and abuse, leading him to make a deal with Akito Sohma that if he could beat Yuki, he wouldn’t. are restricted to the cat room.

2. Emma (The Promised Never Land)

Here's A List Of Anime Characters With Orange Hair


The main character in The Promised Neverland is Emma (, Ema?).

Emma is a caring and outgoing orphan who is often seen surrounded by friends and turns out to be one of the most trustworthy orphans. She is known for her exceptional learning ability, physical strength and boundless optimism.

Emma, ​​along with Norman and Ray, is considered one of Grace Field House’s three ‘Premium quality items’ as she is one of the smartest kids living there.

Emma sets out to find William Minerva, who she believes can give her and her friends the freedom to live a safe and peaceful life, far from the demons, after successfully escaping Grace Field with Ray and 13 other orphans. .

3. Nami from Full Metal Panic!

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Sousuke first met Nami, a red-haired girl, in Namsac. She was the leader of a small AS league in her neighborhood. Sousuke is hired as a replacement for their mecha pilot. She and Sousuke became friends, and Sousuke also began to assume she was a Whispered, but they ran into trouble with Amalgam and his local supporters. Shortly after, Kurama kills Nami in cold blood as part of his plan to lure Sousuke out of hiding and into a trap.

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