Hawkeye Ending Explained Is The Kingpin Dead?


Hawkeye season 1 is available on Disney Plus! It wasn’t the same bombastic finale as Loki’s. But in terms of consolidating everything the series initially set out to achieve, this is a standout small screen story, a legit Christmas release with real mythological implications, satisfying payouts, funny hooks. It remains to be seen if this will be the last time we see Clint Barton, but if so, we can rest easy knowing he is where he needs to be, with his family, after casting out his demons, at peace closed and found his successor.

Hawkeye Ending Explained Is The Kingpin Dead? What does the viewing order mean? Spoilers!

Hawkeye Season 1 Ending Explanation: Is the Kingpin dead?

At the end of season 1 of Hawkeye, Kate searches for her mother while Clint fights Yelena. Elsewhere, Maya and Kazi’s relationship ends abruptly: Maya wants him to leave, but Kazi says the Kingpin won’t let him. So the two fight, Maya stabs Kazi, and he seems to die in her arms.

The Kingpin finds Eleanor and prepares to kill her, but Kate intervenes. After a long fight, Kate detonates the Kingpin with a combination of multiple arrows and then calls the police for her mother, who has been arrested for murder. Hawkeye and Yelena eventually reconcile, with Clint explaining to Yelena how her sister, Natasha, sacrificed herself to save the world. Yelena tearfully accepts Clint’s version of events.

In the most controversial scene of the end of season 1 of Hawkeye, Maya confronts the Kingpin and appears to take him down offscreen. The finale ends as Clint returns for Christmas, with Kate and Lucky by his side. Clint returns the mysterious watch to Laura, who reveals that it is engraved with a SHIELD logo and 19. Clint then burns his Ronin costume, symbolically ending this chapter of his life.

At the end of season 1 of HawkeyeMaya points a gun at Fisk and fires, with the sound of something or someone falling to the ground shortly after. Did Maya kill the Kingpin? It seems so, but it isn’t peculiar. Knowing how many fans have been waiting for not only The Kingpin’s introduction but D’Onofrio’s reprise of the role, it would be a mistake to kill him so early, especially since he hasn’t even interacted with Charlie’s Daredevil Cox yet.

The most likely option is that Maya shot Fisk in the eye, as in the “Parts of a Hole” story, part of Maya’s comic book debut when she found out he was responsible. Of his father’s death. An Echo series is also planned soon, and it will tell us more.

What does the viewing order mean?

One of Hawkeye’s mini-mysteries owned the Rolex watch, first seen in Maya’s apartment. Hawkeye’s end of season 1 revealed that Laura, Clint’s wife, owns her and has both the SHIELD logo and the number “19”.

If you know the history of comics, you know that Agent 19 is a SHIELD agent, better known as Mockingbird. Indeed, Hawkeye confirms that Linda Cardellini’s character worked in the field with Clint.

However, that may not be good news for the Agents of SHIELD canon followers. There is also a character called Mockingbird. He could, of course, be the last holder of the Mockingbird codename, but Hawkeye’s Mockingbird will likely take precedence in the MCU in the future.


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