Google Pay Diwali Stamps: Here Is How To Get Rangoli And Flower Stamps In Google Pay

The significant festive season of the Southern-Asian country, India is right around the corner. By the looks of it, the entire country is gearing up for the ultimate marketing game for luring customers.

Google is also trying to do the same with its Google Pay app. People who use the digital wallet have been receiving messages from the app itself. Moreover, the app claims that Diwali stamps are currently out for people.

Google Pay Stamp

What are Google’s Diwali Stamps?

The search giant, Google offers around ₹251 to the people who can manage to possess all of the five stamps, namely, Jhumka, Diya, rangoli, flower, and lantern. People can easily get stamps by just transferring money of around ₹33 by using Google Pay. The entire goal here is to allow people to gain around ₹250 extra. So far, this has made people across the country extremely excited & people have already begun to possess as many stamps that they possibly could.

However, after several reports, and speculations one thing is for certain. Out of all these stamps, the flower and rangoli stamps are extremely hard to come by. In a very limited time frame, words such as rangoli and flowers have begun to trend around social media.

Soon, people began to respond and said that they only require these stamps to get the money. However, they were unable to get these stamps. Some people have also been claiming that the collection of these stamps are indeed scams which Google has brought into its ecosystem. So, if you’re going to the same stamps fiasco conduction by Google, then you’d be glad to know that you’re not alone.

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