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Google Maps user attempts to map out every airport in the world on the site

A Reddit user has attempted to map out as many airports as they can find internationally in a remarkable image shared to the platform.

In an image posted to the Google Maps thread, the user shows off what they have managed to assemble so far, showcasing an image that features a slew of markers representing airports and air fields across the globe.

The image, which was posted by user ‘ultraboof’, came with the caption: “I have way too much time on my hands. Been mapping out every airport I can find over the past few months.”

The airports are also colour-coded, as the user explained, posting: “Blue is international, purple is regional/municipal/airfields, and red is military/air force bases.

“Just based on its title on Maps.”

A world map with airports marked on
The map features a forest of markers across the globe

Other users took to the popular platform to express their admiration and offer tips on places the original poster had overlooked on their map.

The image also reveals some interesting geographical features, for example the string of airports along Australia’s east and south coastlines but a relatively low number on the north and west coasts.

Another interesting insight is the huge concentrations of airports in places like the USA and Europe, whilst other large countries such as Sudan and Chad have a relatively low number for their size.

Top, or bottom, of the list however is Mongolia which only has one airport marked on the map despite its huge size.

A Ryanair plane taxis at an airport
The map features domestic, international, and military airports

The map is certainly not complete yet, as China has surprisingly few markers.

One user picked up on this, commenting: “I’ve gotten drunk in more Chinese airports than are on here. You have a ways to go!”

The original poster responded that Chinese airports can be difficult to find as they are not always marked clearly on the map.

Other users took to the thread to express their admiration and offer suggestions.

One gave them a tip for finding smaller airstrips in Canada, saying: “If you want to find quite a few check the northern sections of the Canadian provinces.

“A lot of places will have a small airport or air strip because they don’t connect to the rest of the country through roads.”

The original poster has said that they have also made another map, this time for ghost towns in Canada.

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Google Maps user attempts to map out every airport in the world on the site
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