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Golf beauty Paige Spiranac mocks fans who send her ‘d*** pics’ on Twitter

Paige Spiranac has sought to mock male fans after receiving ‘d*** pics’ on social media.

Spiranac, a 28-year-old golf beauty, has more than 3 million followers on Instagram and 470,000 on Twitter. Her social media accounts were initially set up to share tips and tricks for golfers. But she has been sharing some of her most beautiful photos, which has attracted a lot attention from fans.

To promote the Ryder Cup in Wisconsin, she dressed up as an educator earlier this month.

But it seems in some cases, the attention has turned creepy, with Spiranac taking to Twitter to reveal the explicit nature of some of the private messages she’s received..

Paige Spiranac posed as a sexy teacher this month to promote the Ryder Cup
Paige Spiranac posed as a sexy teacher this month to promote the Ryder Cup

She posted a video clip of Christian McCaffrey, a running back for the Carolina Panthers in the NFL, evading three tackles against the New Orleans Saints along with the line: “Me dodging d*** pics in my DMs.”

The majority of fans seemed to sympathise with Spiranac, who retired from professional golf in 2016 after failing in her attempt to qualify for a card on the LPGA circuit.

“Sorry you have to put up with c*** like that,” One was written. “Well done on dealing with it. Enjoying your tweets. :).”

Paige Spiranac is a popular online figure, and often shares snaps of her flaunting her figure on the golf course.
Paige Spiranac, a popular online celebrity, often posts photos of herself on the course.

“That is horrible and disrespectful! You deserve better. Keep being you!” added another.

Others supported her in exposing the culprits.

“Perhaps you should make them public, along with their names,” A third fan suggested that she do so.

Golf beauty Paige Spiranac mocks fans who send her 'd*** pics' on Twitter

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Spiranac, who is married with former Minor League Baseball player Steven Tinoco has been criticized for using her appearance in marketing.

Her appearance on the May 2016 cover of Golf Digest, having never ranked in the top 300 of the NCAA rankings, and having missed the cut at her then-only professional event, sparked controversy. She has also appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine.

She was vocal in her opposition to new LPGA clothing regulations that limited plunging necklines and leggings as well as short skirts in women’s golf.

In an interview with Fortune magazine, titled “The Progression of Women’s Golf Is Plunging Further than Our Necklines”, Spiranac claimed female players were being ‘body shamed’ and called on the regulations to be scrapped.

Golf beauty Paige Spiranac mocks fans who send her 'd*** pics' on Twitter
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