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Gogglebox Jenny leaves fans in hysterics as Lee points out major fake tan disaster

Gogglebox faves Jenny and Lee were back on our screen for the latest series of the TV-focused series, and fans were not disappointed with their performance.

Both the stars and viewers were in stitches when Jenny applied dark fake tan to her face without realising that it was permanent.

Lee, a friend, was in a state of shock as Jenny applied the fake tan all over her face and arms turning her bright orange.

Lee said: “You’ve gotta do your arms as well. I’m going to p*ss myself!*

Jenny then quizzed Lee on why he was laughing so hard and asked: “What’s wrong with it? Are you healthy?

Jenny had fans in hysterics as she showcased her beauty blunder on air

Unsure of what it actually was that Jenny was putting on her skin, Lee looked at the bottle to reveal that it was in fact permanent tan.

To Jenny’s horror, she then replied: “Oh my god, permanent? How am I going to get it off?”

Lee then went up to erupt in more fits of giggles as he revealed that the mixture “gets darker as the day goes on.”

Fans of the show were also laughing just as hard, as many took to Twitter to poke fun at the Goggleboxer.

Lee had to leave the shot because he was going to “p*ss himself” because of it

One said: “You’ve missed a spot Jenny! @leegogglebox #FakeTan #Gogglebox”

Another wrote: “I think you’ve got a bit too much on Jenny #Gogglebox”

While a third penned: “These two are so funny Jenny and Lee they have me in stitches”

A fourth stated: “So flipping funny @leegogglebox I had a right belly laugh. Xxxx”

And a fifth jokingly put: “Haha looks like curry sauce”

Gogglebox Jenny leaves fans in hysterics as Lee points out major fake tan disaster

This comes after Gogglebox viewers were left furious while watching the same episode after the fan-favourite show featured an X-rated programme in the highlights.

The participants were left blushing onscreen at “perverts” taking part in the documentary presented by former Radio 1 star Alice Levine.

As Alice watched a couple get sexy on webcam, the Gogglebox families were horrified.

The show’s reception at home was just as disappointing.

One tweeted Channel 4 angrily to say: “Very disappointed with the fact you put Sex Actually on Gogglebox. I know its past the watershed but that doesn’t mean its appropriate viewing for my 12 year old daughter”

“Sat watching Sex Actually on Gogglebox with my mum is not my idea of a good night” fumed another.

One fan ranted: “Is there a need for Gogglebox to show people having cam sex while I’m watching with my parents, IS THERE A NEED”

“Never felt so awkward sitting next to my son watching Gogglebox” exclaimed another about the uncomfortable viewing.

Gogglebox continues Friday on Channel 4 at 9pm

Gogglebox Jenny leaves fans in hysterics as Lee points out major fake tan disaster
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