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Marathi cinema has always managed to impress the audience with some of the outs of the box stories, which keeps coming at regular intervals from the Marathi cinema and are able to achieve some serious as the standards of a Marathi film.

Girlfriend is a perfect unorthodox movie, depicting the troubles faced by a young boy just because of being single in life. Circumstances have made him believe that a girlfriend is a solution to all his misery in life. Finding an appropriate girlfriend will set him free from the constant bullying he has to face from society.

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Girlfriend is one such out of the box story revolving around the protagonist Nachiket Pradhan (Amey Wagh).in the film Nachiket is portrayed as a Graphic Designer by profession, who lives in Pune with his Mother (Kavita Lad), Father (Yatin Karyekar) and younger Brother Rohan (Tejas Barve).

Most of the people of his age are settled in their married lives, while he is still in search of his better half. For this very reason, he is subject to constant criticism and bullying from his friends and from society as well.

The opening scene of the film depicts the setting of his birthday and not surprisingly nobody cares to wish him. His single status has made him cut short of a promotion opportunity.

Girlfriend Movie Review

‘Girlfriend’ is a fun and joyful ride. The story keeps you hooked throughout the movie. Unforced comedy, natural acting and great screenplay are the reasons behind it. You will never feel there is a dull moment in the film.

Nowhere in the film, you will feel that this movie is written and directed by a debutant. Yes, Upendra Sidhaye has had a striking debut. The performances from the main leads are mind-blowing. Both the characters have played their part to pinpoint perfection.

This movie is an all fun, entertaining and loving film. There are bits and pieces of sadness all over but the director never tries to get it over to you. And that’s great quality. The emotions stay with the character and however, you get a feel of them while you see the character.

The cinematography of the movie is awesome. The editing is crisp. The direction is well done. So all in all, it’s great work that worked quite well. The soul in the movie is what that will keep the movie running.

The music of the film gives you that feel-good factor just like the movie. Over the course of time, the movie takes twists and turns to make you feel the characters and situations. The movie leaves with a feel-good vibe. This movie is definitely the one you should check out.

My Rating: 3/5

Here is the trailer of the movie which you can check out before going to watch the movie.

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