Getting to Know the Worst Films Ever Made

There’s plenty of time spent celebrating people’s best achievements. That’s not to say that there shouldn’t be, it takes enormous dedication, vision, and a whole lot of money to make a truly brilliant film. You only have to look at the quality of some of the films being released at the moment to see that. However, it also took a whole lot of dedication, vision, and money to make the selection of films we’re about to talk about. Perhaps a great deal of it was misplaced, but some films are so exceptionally bad, that they deserve to be remembered. Here are some of them.

Getting to Know the Worst Films Ever Made
Caption: Despite the large budget, The Room failed to reach the heights that Tommy Wiseau was hoping

The Room

No countdown of the worst films ever made would be complete without a mention of the 2003 car crash that was The Room. This film was written, directed, and starred in by Tommy Wiseau, so the blame falls squarely on his shoulders. However, the interesting thing about this film is that despite the disjointed and at times bizarre script, the basic blunders, and the poor acting, it still has a totally devoted cult following. The film centers around the relationship between Wiseau and his girlfriend, with the interference of his best friend between the two of them. Although it has a definite central plot, the deviating sub-plots that are more often than not left completely unresolved ultimately ended in plenty of people praising it for its unusual narrative structure. Whether you are on that team, or the one that deems it a poorly written drama is entirely up to you, but with a whole spin-off film being inspired by it, it seems like this bad film somehow turned itself into a huge success.

Lucky You

Lucky You is another noughties hit, being released in 2007. Unlike The Room, the film did have an all-star cast of Eric Bana, Drew Barrymore, and Robert Duvall. It was also filmed on location in Las Vegas in some truly beautiful settings, but no amount of glamour or skill from the cast was enough to save this poorly written script. The film centers around Huck, a good poker player, but one who is always in the shadow of his father. He struggles to get himself a seat at the WSOP, but through chance encounters with other key characters, he finally makes it there. Whilst the film didn’t win the hearts of the critics, it did receive a little praise from poker fans. Though the acting was a little cheesy in parts, if you’re heading to the WSOP 2021, Huck, we’ll be rooting for you.


Cats is one of the films of recent years that was hotly anticipated and then ripped apart by critics. One of the most popular theatrical shows, Cats by Andrew Lloyd-Webber is beloved by many, so when a star-studded cast was reported to be turning it into a film, people were excited. As it turned out, the show fell a bit flat. Whilst the onstage costumes are a marvel, the bizarre CGI cat people of the film just turned people off. The vocals are good, but they don’t give you goosebumps as the production does. Overall, it was a sad case of well-intentioned people, that just got the key a little wrong.

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