Gambling has changed dramatically since becoming a popular pastime in the 1600s. 

Many different gambling trends have captured the public’s attention, from football pools throughout the 1920s and 1930s to the poker boom during the 1980s. However, the dominance of online casinos like Betway download has resulted in the most dramatic changes in the last decade.

The first online casino opened in 1997 but looked nothing like the online gambling sites we know and love today. Dial-up internet and the computer’s ability to display pictures limited the gaming graphics to text and pixelated cards, but it was a significant advancement for dedicated players.

Initially, casino sites only featured poker, but with more powerful computers and increased broadband speeds, online casinos can now offer their players a wider range of games. Over the years, text-based games evolved into today’s all-dancing animated offerings with impressive soundtracks. 

However, as we’ll see in this article, online casino games haven’t only changed in their feel and look over the last decade. Here are several changes in the online casino industry over the last ten years.

More participants

According to experts, the number of players who gamble at online and land-based casinos has increased significantly. That’s evident from the increased spending, profits, and new accounts created over the last decade. 

Instead of concentrating on the negative aspects of online gambling, casinos are now seen as a valid and mainstream form of entertainment. Gambling is now socially acceptable, and going to casinos or playing online bingo are popular pastimes for groups of friends.

Gambling is also becoming more popular among young people, indicating an increase in disposable income among gamblers in their 20s.The increased availability of reliable broadband and the falling technology costs have made the internet more accessible than ever. That’s allowing casinos to reach a larger pool of players as a large percentage of people can access digital services.


The rise of smartphones has been the most significant change in the gambling market. 87% of adults in the US now have a smartphone, rising to 95% when you only consider people between 16-34 years old. Most people use these gadgets to browse the internet more frequently than other devices such as PCs or tablets. In fact, the internet traffic recorded from smartphones has surpassed desktop traffic since 2016, and online bookies have capitalized on this.

Providers like the Betway casino have increased their accessibility by developing an internet casino that adapts to its viewed device. Players can try the Betway to access their wagering accounts and play games from anywhere, thanks to mobile-optimized casinos.

Bingo’s Resurrection

Bingo, originally popular among young adults during the 1960s and 1970s, fell out of favor in the 1980s and 1990s and was relegated to the realm of pensioners. That image has been strongly turned on its head over the last decade, as bingo is becoming immensely popular again online and in person.

Online bingo is ideal for Millenials, who desire the thrill of betting but with minimal risk. Games are brief and enjoyable, and cards are pennies rather than pounds. It’s the ideal distraction for inexperienced players looking for a quick fix.

Bingo halls might be on their way out, but party bingo nights have become popular in recent years. These sessions, which take over large spaces for one-time events, merge bingo with crazy competitions, clubbing antics, and plenty of alcohol. They appear all over the UK and are frequently sold out.


Over the last decade, the gambling industry has evolved quickly, moving online and focusing on giving players more options for how to pay and play. There have been substantial changes in global betting markets, and the types of games punters want to play in the last year alone. If the last decade is an indication, the next ten could see it all change again.

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