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Fuming couple banned from naming baby ‘Vladimir Putin’ as it’s too ‘controversial’

A young couple have been told they can’t name their son Vladimir Putin after the Russian president.

Skatteverket (a Swedish tax agency) has apparently rejected the name without explanation.

However, Swedish law states that names can not be “offensive or risk causing problems for the bearer”.

Second names that clearly resemble surnames are also not allowed, The Local reports.

The public radio broadcaster SR reported that the couple from Laholm, Sweden, were forced to go for a less “controversial” name without immediately knowing what category “Vladimir Putin” fell into.

Skatteverket has previously rejected baby names such a Ford, Pilzner or Allah.

Tax agency Skatteverket have reportedly rejected baby names like Ford, Pilzner, Allah and Google
Tax agency Skatteverket has reportedly rejected baby names such as Ford, Pilzner, Allah and Google

The country’s naming law, which was updated in 2017, states that parents are required to report the names of their children to Skatteverket within the first three months of their birth.

The reason the parents named their son Vladimir Putin is still unknown.

Back in July, his military launched a 6,100mph missile – heightening World War Three fears.

Kremlin officials said the Zircon had been “successfully” fired in a test run from the Admiral Gorshkov warship in the White Sea.

Swedish law states that names can not be 'offensive or risk causing problems for the bearer'
Swedish law states that names can not be ‘offensive or risk causing problems for the bearer’

According to Russian TV channel Zvezda, the missile travelled at a speed of around 6,100mph.

The missile then struck a ground target more than 220 miles from the Barents Sea coastline.

During a test launch in October, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “Equipping our armed forces – the army and the navy – with the ­latest, truly unparalleled weapon systems will certainly ensure the ­defence capability of our country in the long term.”

The launch came weeks after Britain’s former Army chief Lord Richard Dannatt warned it was “squeaky bum time” over escalating Cold War-style tensions.

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The retired general said Putin was “testing the will of the West”.

The Russian has bragged the Zircon missile is part of a weapons system “without equal” that “can strike anywhere and evade a US ­defence shield”.

Russia is now planning to install the Zircon missile systems on its submarines.

Fuming couple banned from naming baby 'Vladimir Putin' as it's too 'controversial'
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