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Foumovies: Everyone loves to watch movies. But with time, the movie-watching culture has changed a lot. Earlier people used to like watching movies at the theatre. But today, in the internet era, most people watch films either by downloading them from the internet or streaming their online websites, paid or unpaid.

Regarding the craze among people to download a film, many online people formed free movie downloading sites that illegally upload movies online. Foumovies is one of those websites. Here we will discuss Foumovies in detail, along with whether it is legal.

About Foumovies

Foumovies is one of the most popular free movie-downloading websites of this time. It uploads free Bollywood and Hollywood films free of cost. So people all over the world use the site to download and enjoy them. But the main reason the site is not good to use is that it is illegal. But still, a considerable amount of people use it.

How did Foumovies start?

The website’s starting was similar to any other free movie-downloading website. However, once it started as a small one, it became one of Bollywood and Hollywood films’ biggest platforms. At first, the site only uploaded Bollywood content; later, the website started to upload Hollywood movies and the latest movies and became famous. 

How does the website work?

A group of people with undisclosed locations and secret identities started this site. Their whereabouts are still unknown. But the regular updates have led the site to the top of the list. The weekly uploads of the latest Bollywood and Hollywood content have brought many visitors; hence the click rates increased, and the website has gained more money. Later though the government kept blocking the site as soon as it caught their sight, it somehow survived by changing the active URLs. Hence the website did not collapse.

Is using Foumovies safe?

Foumovies is one of the top free movie-downloading websites. But still, the site is a piracy website. And all the content, along with the whole website, is illegal. So using the website may make you face unwanted situations of violating the law.

Also, using these illegal websites makes your data more vulnerable to hackers and makes it dangerous for you. That is why we suggest you not use this site; instead, choose the legal and safe ones.

Is it legal To Use Foumovies?

Foumovies or any other free movie-downloading websites are illegal according to the law of the Indian government. And using the site means you are participating in unlawful online activity. So avoid such websites and stay safe.

What are the alternative websites to Foumovies?

What are the unique features of Foumovies?

Foumovies started as a small website. With the pace of time, it kept uploading new content and kept attracting new visitors. Despite the other movies giving top movies, this website has grown bigger than any other. But the influx of visitors was not only luck by chance, but it has its reason. Let’s go through the following points and find out the reasons. 

  • Most of the free movie-downloading websites ask for your credentials when you try to download a movie. However, unlike the other websites, Foumovies does not ask you to register with any certifications. This reduces the chances of the visitor’s data getting exposed to hackers. That is why people choose the website over the others, which assures more security to your data than the other sites. 
  • There are various categories available for the user to choose from. And each of the categories contains countless numbers of top Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Every movie is of top quality with a good IMDB rating. There are categories like fantasy, drama, horror, thriller, vampire, war, action, sci-fi, etc. the user gets some of the best movies even when they do not know what to watch.


This article intends to inform its readers about the website. However, this piracy website is potentially dangerous to the people who use it. So we strictly ask you to avoid this site and use paid legal sites.

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