Find Out Why Denver Broncos WR Jerry Arrested Crime Charges & Reports


Denver Broncos Jerry Jeudy had been arrested by the police officials on Thursday. Jerry Jeudy has been arrested for his wrongdoing relating to domestic violence. The news about Jerry Jeudy’s arrest was confirmed by the Arapahoe County Colorado Sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s office took this arrest to social media and posted this news on social media and informed the world about their favorite player getting arrested under charges of domestic violence. He was arrested on the afternoon of Thursday 12 May.

Denver Broncos WR Jerry

The Arapahoe Sheriff’s office also stated that the popular sports star is arrested on a “no-bond” hold. No-bond arrest means, Jerry can’t be released from the prison by paying any bond. He can’t be released from the jail until his initial court appearance which is scheduled on Friday morning. The Arapahoe Sheriff’s office stated that the report against Jerry Jeudy was registered by his girlfriend Antoinette Tharp. Jerry Jeudy’s girlfriend Antoinette Tharp stated that all the mess started on the night of Wednesday night when Jerry held her wallet and medical paperwork for their baby and kept it in his car at his residence. Tharp stated that she wanted to return to Virginia, but Jerry took her wallet and the important medical paperwork of their baby, so it wasn’t possible for her to leave Colorado.

Jerry Jeudy’s girlfriend Antoinette Tharp stated that she does not want to trouble Jerry. She just wants her important stuff back from him. She has no intention to trouble him and doesn’t want him to go through all this and just wants her important stuff back. According to the reports, Jerry also accepted that he held some of her belongings in his car because sharp took her three mobiles and she denied returning them.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office stated that Jerry Jeudy was very helpful and cooperative while the offices went to arrest him, he was calm and supported the police officials in following the rules and doing their job. The Sheriff’s office also stated that Jerry has been arrested on the charges of domestic violence but he never committed violence against her partner. Jerry Jeudy’s girlfriend Antoinette That also confirmed that Jerry never committed violence with her. It’s just he had confiscated her important belongings.
Currently, the case is in the court and soon any verdict might come. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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