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Ferdinand thinks Lionel Messi is ‘relieved’ after ending PSG drought with Man City goal

Rio Ferdinand believes the goal in which Lionel Messi scored against Manchester City for Paris Saint-Germain in their Champions League encounter provided the attacker with some relief, as was evident in his celebration.

PSG defeated City 2-0 at Parc des Princes with Messi scoring a fine goal in the second half.

Ferdinand, BT pundit believes there was a reason that the goal was so special to the global superstar.

Talking to Owen Hargreaves (who had Champions League experience at Bayern Munich and Manchester United), the pair discussed the game and the performances of certain players.

Hargreaves said: “Today was the perfect performance from this team – they played on the counter. Once they got the first goal and the space opened up for Hakimi.

Lionel Messi looks on while playing in the Champions League
Lionel Messi started for PSG in the clash with Man City and scored a tremendous goal

“Hakimi with the width and Messi being able to cut inside, and then Neymar and Mbappe in there, it’s going to be a thing of beauty.

“Today they got it right and it worked beautifully. Messi will score many goals in that match.”

Ferdinand responded: “Messi, the superstar that he truly is, has taken the game to new heights, scoring goals with Cristiano even though he was still on the fringe of the action.

“He wasn’t actually integral to everything like he was at Barcelona because he’s at a new club, feeling his way into it, even superstars have to do that.

How many goals will Messi score for PSG this season? Let us know in the comments section.

Rio Ferdinand speaks to BT sport ahead of the Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester City at Stamford Bridge
Rio Ferdinand thinks Messi will be relieved by the goal

Ferdinand thinks Lionel Messi is 'relieved' after ending PSG drought with Man City goal

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“He hasn’t scored for a number of games, but then you see the celebration after that goal – that’s a relief!

“His normal animated expression isn’t as strong, but the look of relief on his face when the ball is in goes a long way to making me love him.

Messi, who was a shock mover to PSG this summer, left behind his beloved club Barcelona. His fans are hopeful that despite his 34-year-old age, he can continue to make a name for himself in Ligue 1.

It is Mesi’s first European campaign goal. He had been injured in the knee and was unable to score in the face of his home crowd.

Ferdinand thinks Lionel Messi is 'relieved' after ending PSG drought with Man City goal
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