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Emmerdale spoilers: Liam’s tragic secret, Rhona prison fears and Woolpack owner twist

The pressure is definitely starting to mount for some of the residents in Emmerdale, as Emmerdale spoilers reveal it’s going to be a bumpy ride next week.

Although Leyla and Liam Cavanagh are still in a very difficult relationship, Leyla starts to suspect that Liam might be having an affair.

Will she discover the truth when she follows her husband?

Rhona’s shock when she learns that her assault case is moving towards a court date leaves her stunned.

Paddy Kirk’s Woolpack problems continue. But will he be able to dig himself out of the hole that he is currently digging?

Liam’s tragic secret

Leyla confronts Liam about his behaviour

Since they walked down the aisle and said “I do” in June, Leyla and Liam’s relationship hasn’t been going well at all.

Liam’s behaviour has changed since the untimely death of Leanna, Liam’s little girl. The couple’s miscarriage has left an impression on Leyla.

Despite all the drama between them, Leyla’s suspicions grow when she observes her husband’s strange behaviour since he started at Hotten General.

In hopes of getting to the bottom of what’s going on, Leyla makes her way to the hospital, but is left confused and troubled when she discover he doesn’t actually work there.

Liam tells Leyla that he's been going to work
Liam tells his wife that he’s been attending work at the hospital

Later on, Leyla confronts an evasive Liam, as she fears he’s hiding something from her.

Even worse, Mandy Dingle made a flippant comment about Leyla’s fears that Liam was having an affair with Bernice Schwarzstock while they were in the village.

Leyla then witnesses Liam putting flowers in the back seat of his car.

Leyla convinces her friend Priya Sharma that something is wrong and tells him to follow Liam. The mystery grows when Priya Sharma and Leyla follow Liam to a house marked ‘For Sale’.

Later, Liam appears to be in a more positive mood and returns to Tenants. This throws Leyla off. Liam also lies about Liam’s whereabouts and claims that he has been working all day.

Liam’s inability to tell the truth is even more painful to Leyla now.

Not satisfied with what she has discovered, Leyla continues her investigation into how Liam’s been spending his days by looking into his satnav history and soon Leyla comes to a decision.

Priya, a doubtful Priya, begins to question Leyla’s overall approach to the situation.

Rhona prison fears

Rhona's fight will lead her into more trouble
Rhoona’s fight will land her in futher trouble

A few weeks ago, Rhona got herself into a bit of bother when she had a fight with her neighbour Brenda Walker over April Windsor’s online bullying.

Rhona became furious when she found out that Brenda’s stepdaughter Cathy Hope had been terrorizing April over a period of several weeks.

Things took a surprising turn when Rhona and Brenda got into a fight on Main Street. Brenda was left fighting for her rights.

Marlon is left shocked with Rhona's situation
Rhona’s situation will leave MArlon surprised

Next week, April’s struggles continue to weigh heavy on her father Marlon Dingle and Marlon is unforgiving when April’s grandfather Bob Hope later confronts him and begs for some news on his grandchild.

Marlon’s mind is on other things and he becomes worried when he hears that Rhona’s assault charge is progressing to a court date.

Is Rhona’s situation going to get better?

Woolpack owner twist

Paddy's situation becomes worse
Paddy’s situation becomes worse

Paddy has been desperate to find someone to help with The Woolpack’s struggling finances and thought it would be best to ask Kim Tate for assistance.

Al Chapman was open to offering an investment but Paddy refused and made a deal.

Kim was the kind of person she really is and told Paddy that he’d need to assist her doping horses to make any financial gain.

Paddy agrees, and the two embark on illegal doping.

Emmerdale spoilers show that Paddy will be feeling anxious next week because Kim may reveal the truth about horse-doping.

Paddy will end up feeling ineasy
Paddy will end up feeling uneasy

Wicked Kim begins to toy with Paddy and tells him that she hasn’t yet decided whether she will continue to keep quiet about the horse-doping – it depends what the police find.

As the Woolie’s financial struggles continue, an expectant Chasity Dingle asks Paddy when he has more work lined up at the race course but feeling guilty, Paddy quickly dashes off.

Paddy is in a precarious situation and feels trapped when, after they’re left alone, Kim asks him to dope her race horse again.

But seeing the closeness of Paddy and Kim in the last few weeks, Al’s wants to catch the two of them in the midst of one of their hushed conversation.

Al starts to blackmail Paddy after hearing the story. But, will Chas be able to tell the truth to Al?

Emmerdale spoilers: Liam's tragic secret, Rhona prison fears and Woolpack owner twist
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