Emma Corrin’s Emmy Look Has Twitter Talking


Emma Corrin's Emmy Look Has Twitter Talking

“The Crown” star Emma Corrin raised some major eyebrows when they arrived at the 2021 Emmy watch party in London decked out in a simple, strapless sand-colored dress, matching fingerless gloves, and what can best be described as a pseudo-swim cap, all courtesy of Miu Miu. The most surprising addition to the outfit was the long, dramatic, claw-like black nails that poked through the gloves, per Vogue.

One fan compared the get up to a photo of a baby in a bonnet, while others saw the whole thing as a totally bizarre red carpet look. “I love Emma Corrin so much but what the flying f**k was that Miu Miu number ………” wrote one confused fan of “The Crown.” “Is Emma Corrin planning on going for a swim later?” asked another.

That Corrin would show up in Miu Miu isn’t all that surprising; they became the face of the brand back in January, per Wonderland. Corrin chose something more adventurous than the 60’s inspired tops and shorts that he had worn in the campaign. On Instagram, the actor described the look a puritanical, drawing comparison to the film adaptation of Arthur Miller’s classic political allegory “The Crucible.” “Crucible realness for EMMYS 2021,” they wrote under a photo on Instagram.

In true Lady Diana fashion, Corrin lost to Queen Elizabeth last night but they still won the sartorial world.


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