Elton John Has Another Health Setback Amid His Farewell Tour


Elton John‘s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour has generated considerable excitement amongst his loyal fans. But the “Rocket Man” singer recently announced he’s been dealing with health issues that will affect his tour.

Elton John’s Health And His Farewell Tour

This Thursday, Elton John announced his European tour dates need to be rescheduled because he’s suffered a hip injury. The singer assured his fans that the European tour dates will resume in 2023 and would be “more than worth the wait.” In the meantime, John is focusing on his health to return to the stage as strong as possible.

In a social media statement, John revealed the extent of his injury. “At the end of my summer break, I fell awkwardly on a hard surface,” John stated. Since enduring the fall, the singer disclosed that he has “been in considerable pain and discomfort in my hip ever since.” Initially, John underwent “intensive physio and specialist treatment” in hopes of curing the injury. John revealed to his fans that the pain only got worse. Now, John is undergoing surgery so he can get “back to full fitness and make sure there are no long-term complications.”

When Is Elton John Having Surgery?

Although John didn’t detail the exact date he’s scheduled to have surgery, he did say it will be “as soon as possible.” The singer was advised to have the surgery immediately, so his US tour dates do not get pushed back even further. “I know how patient my incredible fans have been since COVID halted touring last year,” John expressed. The singer wrapped up his statement on a positive note, saying, “I promise you this – the shows will return to the road next year.”

But it appears John’s hip pain won’t stop him from performing later this month. John will be performing five songs at the Global Citizen Festival, September 25th. John reported that he doesn’t “want to let a charity down,” so he will overcome his hip pain and perform as planned.

Elton John’s Health

John’s Farewell Tour has been delayed and rescheduled for a couple of reasons. One reason John’s tour was pushed back was due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the singer’s health also forced him to cut a show short while performing in New Zealand. After the show, John announced on Instagram he was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and was “deeply upset and sorry” for his performance.

One thing’s for sure, Elton John isn’t going to let anything prevent him from continuing on with his Farewell Tour. John plans to give his fans one last memorable performance, despite global pandemics and health concerns.


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