Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date Out! A New Cast Is Coming Soon!!

Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date: Shiki Granbell’s journey across the universe is not yet over as Edens Zero is returning with a touch of newness. After an incredible season 1, the show is gearing up to stun the fans again with a new cast and story. 

So, when is Edens Zero Season 2 coming out Here is everything we know. 

Will There Be Edens Zero Season 2? 

Edens Zero season 3

The popularity of Edens Zero feared no limits when Netflix dropped its first season. It topped the chart of Netflix’s most-loved animated series within days. Soon after season 1’s finale, the streaming giant announced that Shiki’s adventures are over. Edens Zero will return with another installment to take the fans to another ride into the world of thrill and drama. 

Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date 

J.C.Staff, the main face behind Edens Zero has confirmed that season 2 is in production. However, no officials have revealed the release date for the new season. 

The sad news is that the anime’s director Yushi Suzuki has recently taken his last breath shocking the entire anime world. Therefore, this will surely severely impact Edens Zero season 2. The new season may be delayed. Moreover, the quality of the anime may fluctuate due to change in the direction table. 

Apart from that, the Netflix audience will have to wait a bit more as season 2 will arrive in Japan first,, and then it will drop it online. 

Stay tuned as we will share the official release date of Edens Zero season 2 and many more updates on the anime soon. 

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