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Ebanie Bridges “stroking herself like a cat” for injury treatment – and fans get cheeky

The Blonde Bomber Ebanie Bridges has offered a cheeky update on her injury after tweeting that she’s “stroking herself like a cat”.

Bridges was injured in her hand while beating Mailys Gangloff, Headingley on September’s Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara undercard.

Bridges was able to walk away without any fractures or breaks despite initial fears.

She tweeted: “So one of the ‘exercises’ my hand therapist has given me is to ‘massage’ my hand to try and get the swelling down.. but it ain’t just any massage.

“He described it as ‘Softly stroke the back of your hand and forearm – like you’re patting a cat,’ So I’m sat here petting myself.”

Ebanie Bridges during the weigh-in at the New Dock Hall, Leeds. Picture date: Friday September 3, 2021. PA Photo.
The Leeds super fan updates her twitter followers with the cheeky message

Bridges then attached a video to the initial tweet demonstrating the exercise to try and reduced the swelling on her hand.

One fan replied: “Slightly disappointed in the video that’s attached below if I’m honest.”

“So… so you’re stroking yourself huh? I’m so excited to read these comments,” another fan joked.

A third fan joked with a winking face: “There’s a line there somewhere.”

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Bridges injured her hand in her most recent bout
Bridges injured her hand in her most recent bout

The Australian has been making waves in the boxing world beyond her raunchy weigh-ins, and she moved to 7-1 following her bout with Gangloff.

She won her second straight fight, having defeated Bec Connolly via TKO in August.

She now appears to be on the sidelines while she recovers in Australia.

Ebanie Bridges "stroking herself like a cat" for injury treatment - and fans get cheeky
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